1. theceo

    Top 5 Ingredients of Successful Business Plans

    Top 5 Ingredients of Successful Business Plans By Chris Mobbs, July 07, 2016
  2. theceo

    7 Pillars Of Growth For A Company.

    1. The client Leading companies make customers their focal point. By putting the needs and desires of the customers first, they achieve a competitive advantage. The construction of customer loyalty goes hand in hand with long-term sustainable growth. Even after becoming leaders in the market...
  3. theceo

    10 Steps To Start A Successful Business

    1. Define The Reasons To Start Your Business 2. Choose A Simple Business Idea 3. Raises A Profitable Business Model 4. Make A Good Business Plan 5. Build A Good Work Team 6. Finance Your Business Properly 7. Start Once And For All 8. Promote Your Business In Every Way Possible 9. Learn...
  4. Danny Schaffer

    How did you get your first few customers?

    I came across a great article that details 29 ways startups can get their first 100 customers. Have included a few of my favourite ideas below. It's great theory, but I'd love to hear some actual accounts of early acquisition strategies that worked, what were yours in the beginning? How to...
  5. Mark O'Neill

    What is keeping you from growing your online business?

    Hi everyone, For those of you who already operate an online business, what is keeping you from growing your business? Is it... - Time - Attracting customers - Lack of automation Or something else. I'd genuinely like to understand. Best Regards Mark
  6. Rusnal2

    Very glad to have this oppurtunity. Question. Startups and entreprenuers 2017.

    As a entrepreneur. What are some places for startups in 2017. I see alot of growth in verticals like Nutraceuticals and cannibis. Also. What are some other potential creative finance options, like crowdfunding and private sources. Thank you.
  7. E

    [Desperate for help] Started online store with sales slowing growing, now they've disappeared

    Hi, So I am student and by putting in a few over time hours I managed to start my own mens wrist wear site. Firstly I focused on bracelets, and sales for those were moderate - around £400 in 4 months, but they weren't consistent at all. I have now moved onto watches but much to my...