1. D

    How do you keep an eye on cash flow in your company?

    Hey Guys, I work as a Team Leader in a Software House (16 employees, AR $575,000), where we create mobile apps and software for clients. I am really interested in how you keep an eye on cash flow in your companies. Not from an accounting point of view, but rather a high level perspective from...
  2. R

    "K-Startup Grand Challenge 2018" Recruiting Foreign Startups from Korean Government

    Greetings, we are the Secretariat of "2018 K-Startup Grand Challenge" First of all, we would like to thank you and express our appreciation for having such an honorable opportunity to introduce this event to you through this e-letter. K-Startup Grand Challenge was established to support...
  3. Y

    Honest feedback - monitoring finances (idea)

    Hi All, If you could have a mobile application that lets you monitor your budget/finances in real-time would it be something you would pay for? It would let you monitor sales, expenses, cash, open receivables, and debt in real-time. Benefits: 1. You don't have to wait until month-end to see...
  4. T

    Insights and discussion regarding vital elements of financial industry

    Steven Pae, a transformational Operations/Technology Executive, shares his insights and discusses vital elements of financial industry at CXO Series. Read here
  5. S

    Types of financing

    What’s the difference between debt and equity financing? Which type of financing is the best fit for you?
  6. SixStarBrokers

    What a great day to be in business!

    Hello Business Warriors. My name is Braxton and I am the founder and CEO of Six Star Brokers. My small business is unique in that I exist solely to help other small business owners reach their goals. I started Six Star Brokers as a source for Commercial Business Loans in order to help those...
  7. K

    Using Business Credit Cards

    Hey guys just wondering how many of you use credit cards for your business spending? And if you do, which ones and why. Provide as little or as much info as you'd like, I'm just trying to see which products are most popular and get some advice on using credit cards for my business. Thanks!
  8. Y

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi, I am a 12+ years experienced corporate FP&A (financial planning and analysis) looking to expand the field to help small businesses. I have worked for several major corporations and understand the value of FP&A. I believe every business should have it, because it's about giving leaders...
  9. Henk89

    How is (new) value created and faciliated by investments?

    From an academic perspective I wonder how money relates to the creation of value: What is the influence of available amounts of money on the creation of value and vice versa? How do international financial institutions manage / control the creation of value with money? How does new money...
  10. Olagoke Tobi Enoch

    Knowing the Numbers when Pitching to Investors

    Hello fellow entrepreneurs, Being a major fan of the Series "Shark Tank", I love the ideas and the confidence of entrepreneurs going to get bitten by the Sharks or swim with them. As an entrepreneur who'd love to pitch my ideas to investors but i have a question and its a fundamental one. How...
  11. T J Tutor

    FinTech Startups on 60 Minutes

    I hope all of you got a chance to catch the 60 Minutes interview last night with FinTech startup founders Patrick and John Collison of Stripe. Banking is changing and with the advancements of FinTech startups like Stripe, the banking industry is openly admitting they need to change in order to...
  12. djentre

    This How I Keep Track Of Things - How Do You?

    I believe in the phrase, "Whatever gets measured, gets accomplished." And to that effect, here are a few things that I do to keep track of time, effort, etc. Somethings are automated, somethings are manual, but most importantly, most of the things are tracked. I may miss an area or two out, but...
  13. S


    So I'm planning on starting a business, and many more after that, but being underage, I have no experience with taxes. Where would I factor that into my plans?
  14. CoolSpot

    Liquid Finance - Commission based loan repayments

    So when I was at the business show, I found a company called liquid finance. I am not affiliated with them at all, in fact my application got declined as they require 12 months of transaction history to be able to provide funding. But their business model is one that I think deserves a mention...
  15. A

    With all the money in the world....

    It amazes me as an entrepreneur I find it extremely tough to find serious investors. I don't want to sit here and complain about failures and or problems, but focus on solutions and places where I can begin again. I have gone through the process with a number of people and it just seems that I...
  16. I

    Iq Option Affiliate

    Hi, Everyone! IQ Option has revolutionized the binary options industry already and we keep setting new standards in the industry every month. IQ Option grows and so do our affiliates. Now it’s your turn to become one of them. So we have two great offers for you: 50% Revenue share - Get 50% of...
  17. R

    Financial Problems? DON'T do these 5 things!

    All business operations involve some degree of risk...and sometimes that risk turns on you and your company faces serious financial problems. It happens. Many owners, officers, and managers often overreact, act in haste, or make one of these 5 major mistakes because they: Refuse to radically...
  18. mtayp01

    Do you track your expenses? How?

    Do you track your expenses? Do you have an app for it? Do you use Excel or just rely on intuition when spending and saving? Any suggestions on how to go about with this?