1. ckyap

    Facebook StableCoin

    how many of you buy this and is it for real or a sign of weirder things to come?
  2. vitaltelcom

    Facebook Location based targeting

    Hello Everyone, I am promoting my website on Facebook. But my audience is only UK. I want to know some tips and tactics on how can i get more audience only from UK. How can you target your audience when you are not running paid ads and increase your customer base. Any help is appreciated...
  3. Union Progress

    Facebook Pixel Thread

    Hello everyone Facebook Pixel Thread starts here, and here is the first question. Do you use Facebook pixel? Does anybody know how it counts the revenue in the analytics tab? I mean does it only reflect the purchases coming from Facebook customers or all the purchases from all sources? Thank you
  4. A

    Starting My Own Facebook Ad Campaign

    I am going to start my own Facebook ad campaign to promote my business online.
  5. Lesley H

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, this seems like a great forum to network with like minded business people. I'm a student learning Facebook ads and would like to network with business owners so we can be helpful for one another. Looking forward to networking and getting to know everyone :)
  6. djbaxter

    Target Customers With Facebook Local Awareness Ads

    How to Use Facebook Local Awareness Ads to Target Customers By Rocco Alberto Baldassarre, Social Media Examiner December 21, 2015 Read more...
  7. Billy Gene Is Marketing

    How to Get Facebook Marketing Clients that are Eager to Pay You Every Penny You’re Worth

    Let’s talk about a big challenge that Facebook marketing agencies are struggling with. That is the challenge of knowing what you’re worth — and getting paid what you’re worth — without a bunch of push back from potential clients. And here’s the secret. Right up front. It’s actually a pretty...
  8. K

    Can I gain about 5,000 unique daily visitors without PPC campaigns?

    Well, I belong to the group of people who do not prefer to jump straight on to the PPC bandwagon. Rather, I like to draw traffic towards my website using a blend of services intended for organic traffic, such as SEO, video marketing, article marketing, social bookmarking and social media...