1. Ken Vantroba

    Confused and Under Pressure

    Confused and Under Pressure Mr. EMAIL MESSAGE … How’s it going? I need your advice. I truly feel that I need some serious help with my Cuddle Spoons business (website). Can I ask you a few questions; I really feel under pressure and I’m so confused? Let me tell you a few things first. I had...
  2. Stephanie Bernardoni

    If you are an entrepreneur, could you take a minute to answer some questions?

    Hult International Business School and Amazon Launchpad are working to develop a solution to help entrepreneur tackle their main challenges. It would be great if you could take a few minutes to answer a few question to help us to potentially help you!Click here to take the survey: Start-up Research
  3. Kevin A

    I decided to quit!

    As I been posting threads I been working on getting at what I'm doing but things are not working out for me. I been doing business since 2014 and I failed and succeeded but at the end of the day I have struggled 2 years which my first 6 months in business were good but now I have fallen more to...
  4. azgold

    Perks of Being an Entrepreneur

    In case you're trying to decide if you're happy being an entrepreneur, according to this article by Rebecca Borison on Inc.com, you are. Or at least 83% of you are. :) GoDaddy did a survey of small business owners, who confirmed that, while the struggles and challenges can be very stressful at...
  5. Nunzio Presta

    Looking for a Graphic Designer & Coder!

    Hi everyone, My sister has a really disruptive HR business idea focused on redefining part of the recruitment process. The actual details of the business idea is obviously confidential, however, she has no problem discussing it when qualified and interested people that would like to join...
  6. Nunzio Presta

    Born or Made

    QUESTION: Is an entrepreneur born or made? I’m 50/50 on this. I think everyone is born an entrepreneur. All humans are creative beings by nature. Everyone is born with entrepreneurial traits such as drive, commitment, dedication, perseverance, passion, creativity and discipline. Think about...