entrepreneurial problems

  1. Monica Odenwald

    Greetings ALL - my business is helping new businesses - lol

    Ingenuity and innovation is everywhere! I know first hand that there are so many incredible solutions needing to be commercialized to help make the world a better place today. It's been a 10yr long journey of helping to make this happen and our passion and drive is only growing! But do you see...
  2. Stephanie Bernardoni

    If you are an entrepreneur, could you take a minute to answer some questions?

    Hult International Business School and Amazon Launchpad are working to develop a solution to help entrepreneur tackle their main challenges. It would be great if you could take a few minutes to answer a few question to help us to potentially help you!Click here to take the survey: Start-up Research
  3. L

    Hi, we are a group of people doing a project on behalf of Amazon Launchpad

    We are a group of students currently working on a project on behalf of Amazon Launchpad, trying to help startups to succeed. Please, if you could take time to fill out our survey. This would help other start-ups, as well as maybe yours in the future :) Start-up Research
  4. Guru Sam

    Hi all , I'm here

    I'm Guru Sam , I'm in affiliate business 2 years ago , i tried Apps re-skinning, i created Marketing Software , now i'm starting my Drop-shipping business , any question i'm open to answer it , Knowledge trading is my goal
  5. J

    Hi everyone! I'm here to help you.

    Hey entrepreneurs! Nice to meet you all! I'm so excited about this journey with you. My mission is to bring you all the latest and most cutting edge strategies, tools, resources and information to help you step into your greatness and FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAM & WIN! These are all for free. Yup! ;)...
  6. azgold

    Loneliness of Entrepreneurship

    Did any of you happen to catch the article on the Telegraph (UK) about the loneliness of entrepreneurs? Author Rebecca Burn-Callander profiles a few different company owners to illustrate this aspect of entrepreneurship. Prime times of lonliness occurred for these founders when things went...
  7. azgold

    Perks of Being an Entrepreneur

    In case you're trying to decide if you're happy being an entrepreneur, according to this article by Rebecca Borison on Inc.com, you are. Or at least 83% of you are. :) GoDaddy did a survey of small business owners, who confirmed that, while the struggles and challenges can be very stressful at...
  8. T J Tutor

    The Art of Quitting! Or NOT!!

    Among the many very important elements in this universe of business entrepreneurship we are here to embrace and struggle with are the strengths and skills we have and the strengths and skills we need to develop. Struggling With Strengths Most rarely do we think of a current strength as...
  9. Michelle Bondesio

    5 Common & Damaging Marketing Mistakes

    The 5 mistakes mentioned in this post on Entrepreneur are easy to make and interconnected. Creating brand consistency allows you to appeal more strongly to a particular customer niche, so your audience assumptions need to match the niche. The niche and assumptions about the audience within...
  10. T J Tutor

    Cutting To The Chase With Newbies

    Hi Zac, I am a long time fan! Thanks for being here, we are grateful that you've committed time to our members. As a moderator in Fix Forums, among the most frequent challenges I meet daily is with Newbies. No matter whether I am giving guidance to a new marketer, or a new business person, I...
  11. Nicole Olazabal

    Nicole's Intro

    Good day! I am Nicole Olazabal, and I am the Assistant Director for the The Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership (IEL) at John F. Kennedy University (JFKU). IEL is a Growth Accelerator that was established in 2011. For our clients, it offers practical entrepreneurship programs focused on...
  12. Teia

    New To BizWarriors

    I just want to tell everyone HI and say that it is a pleasure to be surrounded by such knowledgeable content. I'm currently planning an app concept that will change the way we market. Any advice would be helpful, but anyways. Just saying Hi. Thanks for reading this. :cool:
  13. J

    One Simple Question for all Entrepreneurs

    Hello fellow entrepreneurs. My passion for entrepreneurship is burning up inside me ever since I exited my last venture. My dream is to create a website and educational program to help entrepreneurs worldwide. I just have one question for you: What is one subject that you know is important...