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    Insights and discussion regarding vital elements of financial industry

    Steven Pae, a transformational Operations/Technology Executive, shares his insights and discusses vital elements of financial industry at CXO Series. Read here
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    Scheduling Projects

    What is the most ideal way to schedule projects and establish timelines? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated
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    C's of Marketing

    Organizations are always seeking out for new and keen methodologies for Advertising their products and services, and one tool is especially useful in finding such methodologies the C's of Marketing. Customer Culture Convenience Competition Communication Consistence Customization Coordination...
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    Jonathan Pagan here willing to help Business Owners

    Hello everyone, My name is Jonathan Pagan and I am a business consultant. I help business owners understand what their problems are within their operations and provide tailored-fit solutions to fix that problem. Some of the few solutions I offer are: Fleet, Asset and Trailer Tracking...
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    Start up experience

    Most people start businesses in their area of experience, training or competencies. This is because they have at the fingertips the nitty gritty in all aspects of the business. Others engage a consultant or hire the right people and the business takes off. Which is the better plan?