1. theceo

    7 Pillars Of Growth For A Company.

    1. The client Leading companies make customers their focal point. By putting the needs and desires of the customers first, they achieve a competitive advantage. The construction of customer loyalty goes hand in hand with long-term sustainable growth. Even after becoming leaders in the market...
  2. fegyver

    New company

    I live in New York. I want to create a new company. I'm an online seller. I want to launch a Web shop. Unfortunately so far with little success. Everything is ready. It's I need, a own company. I can not find a professional. I need a person who can help everything. About company registration. I...
  3. S

    Greetings and thank you!

    Hello fellow Biz Warriors, First of all, i'm very honored to be here and that i found this forum. There is so much valuable information here! I'm Stefan from the Netherlands, currently studying entrepreneurship. Besides my university i've started my own company call Nivemedia. Nivemedia is a...
  4. Hassaan Khan

    Building prototypes on a budget. How Collabatory can help you get your idea off the ground?

    We are a small internet based platform working to help startups build low cost and reliable prototypes. At this stage, we are testing to see what types of prototyping services we should offer. Please visit and let us know how we can help you!