1. Kevin A

    One Year In Business

    Well it wasn't easy that is forsure, I Started as an Online Labor Exchange mid December 2014 I was really excited about my first new idea I had. Don't get me wrong I have had many ideas since I Started working in Jack In The Box back in 2009, 17, at that time but life wont change if i dont make...
  2. Nunzio Presta

    7 Holiday Tips for Business & Franchise Owners!

    The holidays can be a very difficult time to be seen and heard, especially as a small business. People are on the go, have many things to do; yet, we still want to attract a quick moment of their attention to hopefully convert them into a long lasting customer. How the heck can we do this? Here...
  3. Juanpeace

    What is the best business start up for a "Newbie"

    Everybody wants to hit it big time when we start a business. We do research set aside a business plan, you try to get financial resources to back you up, but there is a drawback. You lack self-confidence because you have no business background whatsoever. The business you are thinking to start...
  4. Brittany Burke

    5 secrets to creative great blog content

    Once you have determined your businesses target audience, learned more about their needs, wants and general interests, the thought might have crossed your mind to start creating some website blog content. There are many newbie bloggers out there who believe content doesn’t matter, as long as...
  5. I

    Iq Option Affiliate

    Hi, Everyone! IQ Option has revolutionized the binary options industry already and we keep setting new standards in the industry every month. IQ Option grows and so do our affiliates. Now it’s your turn to become one of them. So we have two great offers for you: 50% Revenue share - Get 50% of...
  6. Michael007

    It's nice to be here

    My name is Michael, a Nigerian based in Abu Dhabi. Am an Electrical engineer and a passionate business developer . Am an owner of a Barbershop and interested in building a portfolio in Real estate investment.
  7. Brittany Burke

    Networking in still the best form of marketing

    Networking is one of those terms that have become very popular over the last decade. The main reason...the rise of popularity of the Internet. However, networking is a term used to describe many different elements. Networking can be a very powerful marketing tool that is especially useful for...
  8. R

    Surviving the Business Merry-Go-Round

    Life, by its very nature, is an emotional merry-go-round. In the world of business negotiations, how you ride that whirling carousel of human feelings and relationships can either throw you from the saddle or help you snag the winner’s brass ring. Early in my career, working for master...
  9. R

    Financial Problems? DON'T do these 5 things!

    All business operations involve some degree of risk...and sometimes that risk turns on you and your company faces serious financial problems. It happens. Many owners, officers, and managers often overreact, act in haste, or make one of these 5 major mistakes because they: Refuse to radically...