1. A

    I started a vlog about my entrepreneurial journey as a marketing device

    My friend and I have decided to start a business. I decided to document everything and will post one video every week. The videos will be both entertaining and informative. We want to make videos on the Pareto principle, tips on ecommerce, etc., not just showing our progress in the company. I...
  2. Ashley John

    Business Strategies for YouTube Channels

    YouTube is the most well known video sharing site than. I want to share some special ways of monetization through YouTube. The best cash clearing a path is to offer your items utilizing YouTube with SAAS sites, for example, Shopify. One can make videos that fit in to your item specialty...
  3. H

    Hello!!! Everyone...

    Hi, all. I'm Hazel and I am trying to make a successful business, so I'm getting help from this forum. I know most of you are a pro at what you do. So would you please help me by giving me some tips. Thanks again.
  4. A

    How investing agencies can help for small businesses?

    Hello, I would like to ask whether it is worth to contact foreign country's investment agency if I want to invest in foreign country, conduct business there but my business is quite small up to 20 people. Does anyone had any experience with it? Thank you for responses Alfred
  5. Ashley John

    Why Organizations are Switching to Live Video Streaming?

    Here are the primary reasons why organizations from various verticals are switching to live video streaming Can draw huge number of group of onlookers in a split second Better client connection Various approaches to live stream Absolute Control
  6. Ashley John

    How to Get a Sponsor for your YouTube Channels

    Sponsorship on YouTube for your channel is a lucrative wellspring of wage and an incredible approach to adapt your recordings. To get supported, you have to ensure that your channel covers all angles that the backers search for. This is not all that confounded, on the grounds that, the very...
  7. Ashley John

    Every Entrepreneur Should Know The Success Story of Buzzfeed Tasty

    In the mid-year of 2015, Buzzfeed, a social news and excitement organization headquartered in New York presented a novel Facebook-just cooking stage and named it Tasty. By September 2016, a year and two months after the dispatch of the staggering video channel, Tasty had turned into the...
  8. Opportunity Guide

    What are some Chinese stereotypes?

    When you hear the word China what are the first few things you think about? Have you ever wanted to visit? Comment below your thoughts!
  9. Opportunity Guide

    Hello businesses partners interested in China!

    Hiya, Just recently joined this network, so will introduce myself. I'm Araminta, and I work for Opportunity Guide, a business which specializes in bringing foreign businesses to the Chinese market. I know I'm advertising here but we believe the best way to meet clients is on a personal...
  10. V

    Need help with brand name to start!

    I want to start an e-commerce business in the fashion industry and I am stuck with coming up with a brand name from the last one month, need help!!
  11. S

    Converting Old Hotel into Indoor Entertainment Centre

    Hi! I’m new in this forum and I am very proud that I found it! :) Currently working in the hotel development team. I am living in a town where the city itself is almost dead so it needs some place where its people could spend their time. That hotel is like city’s heart. The problem is that...
  12. Danny Schaffer

    Brace yourself for the motherload of all free startup stuff archives

    Whether you're broke or just plain cheap, this page of awesome startup related free stuff will make your day. Bookmark it! My favourite picks from the page: Hipster Logo Generator: It’s Hip, It’s Current, It’s Stylish, It’s Hipster. CoSchedule: Blog post headline analyzer. Buzzsumo: Analyze...
  13. Nunzio Presta

    2016 Influential Brands

    BizON had the honour to sponsor FFWD - Advertising Week in Toronto for the 3rd year in a row! FFWD is Canada’s largest and most diverse annual gathering of advertising, marketing and media leaders. It consists of leadership conferences, galas, awards, keynote and panel presentations. The week...
  14. Albus


    Hi guys, I'm happy to here be a part of this forum. So excited and also like to share my own experiences in business. My interests are small business, management, startups, business. Thanks Albus
  15. C

    Introduction And Insurance Questions

    Hey everyone, I've just recently signed up, I'm hoping to get some advice on a startup I've been planning, which I can't really take any further without feedback. I aim to expand access to primary healthcare for the uninsured and those with high deductibles, but given I'm in the UK, I need...
  16. C


  17. I

    What do you mean by Red Route in User Experience?

    In order to complete the critical activities, the users generally pass through a complex route which includes going through several pages. The easiest user flow route to complete the set of actions is called red route. The designers should try to minimize the number of obstacles in this red...
  18. Nunzio Presta

    Overcoming Fear of Startup Failure!

    On July 29th I participated in Startup Canada’s well known Twitter #StartupChat. This chat talked about overcoming fear of startup failure. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely, dark and challenging experience and too many focus on the reward rather than how much hard work it actually takes to...
  19. I

    Are you able to measure the success of your startups in terms of design and technology?

    There is so much of data and analytics available on your site, but it becomes extremely difficult when you need to measure the return on investment of the user experience. A most common example can be number of page views. A large number of page views means your marketing efforts are reaping...
  20. H

    Anyone want to be friends?

    Hey! I am a young entrepreneur and it would be great to be friends with other entrepreneurs as well, in my area I have not met many people who share the same passion as me. So if I could be friends with some of the people on here it would be great!