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    Made a good site, good services, but visibility problems. Help

    Hi Warriors! I'm a publisher and author, and have created a website offering services from myself and other professionals in the industry. The website can collect payments, has clear costs, has a blog, email and support system, backlinks from business directories, and all the services offered...
  2. L

    Looking for cofounder and or investors/funding help

    i dont have too much background or experience being an entrepreneur but I do have skills in tons of other fields like technology and similar areas RELATED to it. Anyways, I've had an idea for a startup thats gonna haunt me if I don't get up and running soon. credit too shot for personal loans. I...
  3. theceo

    How to find investors for my business?

    What is the best way to find investors for my business?
  4. theceo

    5 Things Not to Do When You're Running a Small Business (Slideshow)

    5 Things Not to Do When You're Running a Small Business (Slideshow) by Maria Rapetskaya, March 25, 2019 Read More...
  5. theceo

    12 Different Ways to Fund Your New Business

    12 Unique and Creative Ways to Fund Your Small Business By Megan Sullivan, QuickBooks Retrieved March 2019 Read more... Note: Edited for formatting of articles published elsewhere. Please use this format of you are going to quote such articles, including the full credit at the top, the use of...
  6. theceo

    Top 5 Ingredients of Successful Business Plans

    Top 5 Ingredients of Successful Business Plans By Chris Mobbs, July 07, 2016
  7. Raymond David

    How to Build a Successful Business

    Keys to Entrepreneurial Success Over the past several years, expert_bplans business plan writer have had the opportunity to assess the successes and failures of numerous entrepreneurs. In doing so, several lessons have become apparent that can often make the difference between success and...
  8. Adam Toren

    Based on your personal experience, what is one tip for maximizing vacations as a busy entrepreneur?

    I just recently returned from an epic trip to Japan with my daughter, who is starting high school this year. She has long been fascinated by the Japanese culture and made it her goal to visit the country. One of the ways we maximized it was by both taking time to do a bit of research to really...
  9. theceo

    10 Tips To Start Your Own Business

    Probably at some time you have come up with the idea of making or starting a new business or personal project. It is a fact that in addition to the initial decision to undertake a project that allows you to become professionally independent and not lose enthusiasm, we must take into account some...
  10. theceo

    10 Ways to Finance Your Business

    To say that it is difficult to obtain funds for your business, especially when you do not have savings or money to start it, is to underestimate the situation because basically, money does not grow on trees. But if you believe in your business idea is really viable and willing to take risks...
  11. F

    Thoughts and somesuch to business

    hi, my name is Cat. I identify subcategories in the population and make interconnected businesses that serve these subcategories. It takes me a few months per subcategory, first I decide on a subcategory that is enough of a percentage of the population to make a decent amount of profit...
  12. theceo

    Four Tips For You To Plan Your Business

    If you are starting to develop a business planning will be the key to prevent your venture from failing or suffering losses as a result of improvisation. That's why pay attention to these four tips. 1. Find all the possible information Remember that knowledge is power. Once you have chosen what...
  13. Naresh Kumar


    Hi Everyone: My name is Naresh Kumar founder of a business and entrepreneur blog. Thanks Naresh Kumar
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    The Art of Team Building and its Effect on Business Practice

    The success of an organization relies upon its representatives and they should work and team up as a group with an attention on the organization’s mission statements. Any conflict can delay the success of an organization. Here is the link for how to built an effective team and its effectives on...
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    The Data-Driven Approach to Project Risk Management

    MicroAgility Blog - The Data-Driven Approach to Project Risk Management Read more
  16. T

    Five Essential Functions for Your Project Risk Management Software

    Project change management includes new IT frameworks, new items, and new markets, or responding to an adjustment in the business condition, for example, regulatory or competitive actions. Project risk management is tied in with distinguishing new dangers or changes in the risk level of existing...
  17. Tafari Deansingh

    Introducing My Self :)

    Hey, my name is Tafari Dean. Hopefully I meet people. I can fly across the country and mastermind or build a business some day. I do digital marketing for doctors and affiliate products.
  18. SRBusinessLending

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Everyone! I am new here.. Hoping to be able to help where I can! I live in upstate NY, and I help both established businesses and start ups get access to working capital / funding. I work with an entire network of trusted lenders, so I am able to help in cases where others can't. I have...
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    Insights and discussion regarding vital elements of financial industry

    Steven Pae, a transformational Operations/Technology Executive, shares his insights and discusses vital elements of financial industry at CXO Series. Read here