1. Y

    Honest feedback - monitoring finances (idea)

    Hi All, If you could have a mobile application that lets you monitor your budget/finances in real-time would it be something you would pay for? It would let you monitor sales, expenses, cash, open receivables, and debt in real-time. Benefits: 1. You don't have to wait until month-end to see...
  2. pedrocampos

    Why budgets never work

    Ok folks, the dictionary has is the thing right, as it says that a budget is an expected income and expense. That`s where the problem is because you can not predict anything in a budget and things can happen to you or to your business that you simply don`t expect. You can't predict every single...
  3. Bruno Moreira-Guedes

    How does your company use budgets? (or does it?)

    I would like to hear from you. I have a few questions and would like to know how entrepreneurs use to deal with this matter. A budget is the quantitative part of a financial plan. It's where you plan your income, costs, expenses, etc. So, my questions are: Do you make a budget of your future...
  4. Hassaan Khan

    Building prototypes on a budget. How Collabatory can help you get your idea off the ground?

    We are a small internet based platform working to help startups build low cost and reliable prototypes. At this stage, we are testing to see what types of prototyping services we should offer. Please visit mycollabatory.com and let us know how we can help you!
  5. remnant

    Budgeting to fail

    Management of personal finances requires both discipline and planning. You have to budget your income to include savings. But many factors come into play and you find that it isn't a straight line and you are living from paycheck to paycheck. A budget is the ideal but the reality is different...