1. V

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Vedita and hoping to be an entrepreneur in the near future. I have a Business Intelligence / data analysis background. I am also interested in starting a blog. I am looking forward to the ideas shared here and learning more. Thanks!
  2. Yedah

    Angle for my online shop (infoproducts and visual media templates)?

    I want to create an online business using my knowledge on graphic design plus all the info I have learned in the last years about SEO and marketing online. Idea: Online shop where I will sell visual media and infoproducts templates. Clients: Online entrepeneurs, bloggers and marketers. More...
  3. Chuck Bartok

    Looks like a good place to engage

    Hello everyone. I am a serial entrepreneur who set my Definite Major Purpose of life in 1960 as a college freshman. Declared to life a life of Autonomy and Help Others. Has been very rewarding and the past 20 years have ben focused on the "helping others"side, and still maintain Autonomy. I...
  4. djbaxter

    Blogging For Marketing And Online Sales

    How to Use a Blog to Sell Your Products Online By Mark Zeni, December 5, 2016 As the article says, blogging is aqlso a good way to build an opt-in email list. Read more...
  5. C


  6. T J Tutor

    How Diversified Are You

    One of the hallmarks of an entrepreneur is diversification. While multiple streams of income is part of diversification, so is being involved in unrelated fields. Are you into many unrelated fields as part of your diversification?