1. B

    Generating Customers B2B

    I'm starting up a calibration company. Basically we're a service company that provides calibration services to companies that require calibration of their testing equipment to ensure that products are within appropriate parameters. It also ensures regulatory requirements too. I'll admit that I...
  2. J

    Jonathan Pagan here willing to help Business Owners

    Hello everyone, My name is Jonathan Pagan and I am a business consultant. I help business owners understand what their problems are within their operations and provide tailored-fit solutions to fix that problem. Some of the few solutions I offer are: Fleet, Asset and Trailer Tracking...
  3. alex3215

    New CEO Here - CNC

    Hello Guys, My name is Alex Patterson We moved from USA to Germany when I was 3 years old. I graduated in CNC school here in Frankfurt (outside of city) At age of 31 I open company and at this moment I got 11 employers. Also I'm investing in some startups and tech companies. Thanks!
  4. Jan

    Digital Platform For Business Owners/CEOs, Who Want To Learn How To Sell - No Money Needed

    Hi everyone, I thought it would be a very useful idea to create a digital platform for business owners, that would include everything I know about B2B sales. I want to make sure that it's really good, so I'm putting together a survey that will let me know what is your number one problem with...
  5. Kagan

    Hello, this is Kagan from Turkey. Expertise in Tourism & Hotels

    The main reason I registered on this website is that I want to find out how to search some details about our new project. The project contains web developing, online sales, marketing and xml integration. Hopefully there will be some people to assist me with my questions.