Most people become entrepreneurs by mistake.

Often the path starts with a part-time venture turning into full time business, the “one big idea” that ends up solving the one problem no one knew they had, or the established process you invest in, buy, or inherit and tweak.

For serial entrepreneurs Matthew and Adam Toren, creating a successful business is never a mistake.


Over the past 20+ years, Matthew and Adam have started from scratch, optimized, and sold dozens of businesses—from media companies with 1 million+ in physical magazine circulation and multiple online properties to brick and mortar entertainment venues.

Along the way, Matthew and Adam have invented, re-invented, tested and tweaked the real-world proven principles they share each and every day as management, marketing, and digital marketing consultants.

And no principle they share is more important than their dedication and relentless pursuit of perfection at every step of the business building process and journey.

The work ethic that built their media empire of 25+ online forums, communities, and blogs, 8+ magazine publishing company, success as award-winning authors, and consultants started with a simple piece of advice passed on to their generation.
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