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The information on this website has been prepared solely for information purposes and for the use of the recipient. Neither BizWarriors, nor any of its employees, contractors or writers make any warranty, expressed or implied. Opinions do not imply a recommendation. No responsibility is assumed for the completeness and accuracy of the information provided herein. Any transaction effected based on the information on this website should be considered only if you are fully aware of the risks involved and are in a position to bear any financial losses. Past performance is no reliable indicator or guarantee for future performance. The information used in this website does not constitute an offer of or an invitation to any person to buy or sell any product and must not be considered as a prospectus.

External Links Disclosure

We often link to the products and services we talk about. We try to link to familiar companies that have great pricing and offer a high level of service and support. If you believe that our destination choices could be improved we welcome the feedback in comments or by contacting us directly. Some companies operate affiliate programs, meaning if you purchase the product or service by following a link on our site we could receive a commission. There are often conditions on time, visits and other factors that frequently negate any commission. We sometime use a tool that automatically checks if link destinations have affiliate programs available. If they do, the tool modifies the link to use the available program. Our main focus is to provide convenient links to reputable sources for the product/service we reference. Operating an affiliate program is not a condition for linking — great pricing, service and reputation is. We typically recommend or review products that we use or have used in the past that we admire. We use the commission we receive to support the sites, its writers and staff and to purchase products for review or preview. It also allows us to reduce our reliance on advertising.

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