Top 5 WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

Got places to go and people to see? Quit adding every appointment manually to your calendar and use a handy WordPress appointment or booking plugin instead. The right plugin will make you more accessible to clients and impress newcomers who visit your site. Take some weight off your shoulders by installing one of our top 5 WordPress appointment and booking plugins. Bookly Image by Bookly. Bookly is a gorgeous WordPress plugin that...

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Top 5 To-Do List Apps

Entrepreneurs are responsible for any and all tasks related to starting a business, and there’s no better way to keep track of those tasks than with a good old-fashioned to-do list. Of course, one stuck to our beloved devices would probably benefit us . . . and so would one that lets us designate the occasional task to others. These 5 to-do list apps let you build the lists of your dreams. Todoist Image by Todoist...

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