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  1. ruener79

    ruener79 Warrior

    I just saw it when I googled 'Funding Capital for Startups'. According to their site, they are a startup launch platform to help you find customers, funding, press, and mentors. Some of their platforms include Launchrock - to build coming soon pages and rally early supporters, Fundable - a crowdfunding platform, Clarity - for getting advice from entrepreneurs, Zirtual - answer for your Virtual Assistant needs, KillerStartups - an online publication and startup community, and Bizplan - to write funded business plans.

    As mentioned, I only saw this website through Google. So, I'm no way connected to it. I just thought of sharing it here. Perhaps, some of you here will find it useful in your ventures.

  2. Vinaya.Ghimire

    Vinaya.Ghimire Seasoned Warrior

    I don't know about this website, I will sure check this out. I have small businesses, online as well as offline (both are different businesses). I will see how this website can be profitable for me.
  3. Michka.Martina

    Michka.Martina New Warrior

    Thank you, will definitely be checking this out. I am seeking to create a business in retail, online and offline. Will be focusing on online at first since its easier to launch an online retail store than to open a physical store.
  4. remnant

    remnant Seasoned Warrior

    I will check out these websites on Google. You have made my day. I plan to start a venture in future to connect entrepreneurs to funding sources. A thorough review of such sites is necessary since some are there to solicit funds from donors but do little in assisting entrepreneurs. The best thing to ensure one is funded is to present your idea with a twist towards innovation. But you should obtain rights to protect those innovative entreprise templates just in case somebody attempts to pass them as their own .
  5. bhu

    bhu Warrior

    I might check it out for customers and press. I've already got mentors for the writing and editing portions of my indie publishing and author services practice, and they're working out well. You can never have enough customers and press. It amazed me yesterday the power of social media relationships with my colleagues. No sooner had I set up my Fiverr gig for proofreading and posted it on my status, then PMed my friends, then I had seven jobs waiting in my chat messages and everybody had shared my link. There's a lot to be said for just giving something a try and asking for friends' help.

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