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Would love some feedback on my ideas!

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by AstraeaLunaAvani, Oct 12, 2016.

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  1. I have been brainstorming and researching and thinking and analyzing all the ideas i've had for ways to earn money independently, for many years now. In the past I have tried creating a few websites and blogs, but always lost interest, didn't have enough time (or maybe just didn't have enough interest to create the time? lol) I know I'm not cut out for anything that requires constant attention, or even attention on a regular basis, in order to be successful. I have researched all the ways to earn money online including arbitrage, affiliate marketing, and probably everything else under the sun. I think the only thing I would have the ability to stick with is writing e-books, or possibly normal length books, but with my short attention span and lack of perseverance, I think e-books would be my best bet. Besides, I LOVE to research information and collect it and organize it and share it. Even if I can't stick to something in the meantime, eventually I will have completed my information compiling and could release an e-book. Also, I like the idea of earning passive income from something that is FINISHED. No needing to come up with another blog post again or anything that requires maintenance. So e-books it is.

    Now, what would I write about? I am what is called a scanner, or renaissance person. That is someone who has MANY interests and hobbies, so many that they can't ever devote all or even most of their time to just one. I have counted somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-30 interests and hobbies. I usually spend an hour or two diving into each one, some more often than others, but I always bounce from one to another rather quickly. I usually go back to the same ones, sometimes adding new ones, but generally the pattern is the same, a few hours here, a few hours there, for all of them. I have tried picking just one and focusing on that, but if anyone out there is also a scanner, you know how impossible that is. It's like picking one of your children and keeping them and giving the rest up for adoption.

    So my business idea/goal/dream is to write e-books about all of these subjects. I could even combine some and write e-books on those combinations. The possibilities are endless with this many interests! And it seems do-able for someone like me because I could skip around from one subject to another anytime I get bored with one, save my work, and eventually all my e-books would get written.

    As for marketing, I have heard about email generators, only recently though, so part of this post is to ask for advice about those. Do they really work, which ones are the best, are there free ones, etc. I would create Facebook pages for each of my interests/e-books, gain a following, create a landing page for each e-book, and make FB posts about each subject (delivering content!).

    Is this a viable plan? Is there something I am missing? Anyone have any suggestions or feedback on this? I look forward to your replies!
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  2. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator Member

    @AstraeaLunaAvani ; firstly welcome to entrepreneurfix the place where community assures each other a fix :) .

    I guess you have been overwhelmed by things you can do... and seems to me that you have very high driving energy. The shift of focus is very common in startups but at the end of the day you have to find any one which you can focus without any end result but with a goal.
  3. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Member

    No matter what you decide to do, it's going to need constant attention, to keep improving and refining whatever it is that your doing.
    This is a viable plan, but it does nor come without work, and a lot of it, you will need to stay focused on what your end goal is.

    Something that might help you stay on track is to plan out what it is that your doing.

    When I do this I always start at the end goal and work backwards, breaking down each step that will need to be taken to get there, it should help you stay on track since as you progress through your plan you will have a visual of what you have achieved, and can clearly see what you have left to do. you want to brake down the steps as far as you can, for example "gain facebook following" would not be a great one to have in your steps as it gives you no end point, instead you would want something like "create facebook page" "do "x" to gain "y" amount of followers. Once you start progressing through the milestones you set for yourself it becomes a lot easier to focus and stay on track as you gain momentum.

    There are going to be times when you will sit down and try to get something done but your not feeling it, the best advice I can give you for these days is, do it anyway, once you get started you will quickly get into the swing of it and try not to stop once you have started, as soon as you stop for too long your going to have the same issue, you will have lost the momentum you built doing the work and will have to get back into the zone all over again.

    On days like that it's not unusual for me to do what I call "burn designs" (most of the work I am doing at the moment is design based). It's where I simply through crap onto a page not worrying about the end result but doing it to literally get something down, to get that initial momentum going.
  4. First of all hi! I am also new to the forum and I thought that the best way to start would be to help people straight away!

    Referring to what you wrote above I have noticed first income possibility here: you said you love to research different topics. That this is something you would enjoy doing. Think about this for a second: people are lazy. There is literally HUNDREDS of people that need to research something but can't be asked. You can absolutely start off with marketing YOURSELF as a researcher. I would advertise yourself on site like Fiverr or PeoplePerHour and start making money on what you LOVE -> that is the best way to assure success.

    Once you get use to writing about this things, report back to people and see how your future audience behaves - then move on to writing e-books. Start with few FREE ones to build your credibility and name. Then you can start to charge the $4.99 mark or whatever suits you! Niche doesn't really matter but it would obviously be best if you could pick one and stay true to it. Having said that though, I know your pain of not being able to focus on one thing only!

    At the end of the day, to be successful, you need to find one thing that you really LOVE and go for it. Money and results will come along the way!
  5. I do like the idea of being a researcher, but if it's a subject I'm not interested in, I wouldn't want to do it at all. I have actually done this before for people who I knew were interested in something I was, and they were happy and impressed I came up with so much information, but I can only do that if I have a passion for the subject matter. Is it possible to do this with a limited number of subjects? I actually do have an account on Fiverr for Proofreading (since I'm so good at grammar and spelling) but in the year and a half it's been on there, nobody has hired me. I feel like Fiverr and other sites like that are flooded with too much of the same stuff, how do you stand out without already having a bunch of successful jobs?

    Since creating this post, I have realized I am not sure if I can even do ebooks now. I had a really disappointing realization...I am not an expert at anything, I just have interests in things. Here is one example; I love to cook, and my favorite is Italian food. I was going to write an ebook on it. I wrote what I knew and it only ended up being like 3 pages, lol So I dug out every book I have that talks about Italian food, and the first one blew my mind with how much information the author knew. I felt like a complete idiot thinking I could write a book on something when clearly I didn't have a fraction of the knowledge required. I then lost all motivation for writing this book because the idea of re-wording what's already been written is the last thing I want to spend my time doing. I have ran into this roadblock before in the past, I have tried writing many times through blogs, websites, FB pages, but the same thing always happens; I don't have as much to say as I thought I did, and quickly run out of ideas and motivation.

    I think this is the core of my problem. I cannot narrow down my list of interests to just one, not when there's 20-30 of them. Even some of my favorite passions fizzle out with me after a session or two then I need to dive into another one, and the pattern repeats itself.
  6. OK I have read you reply and can't help but wonder. Are you really sure that having your own business is really for you? I don't mean to be rude or offend you. The problem with running your enterpise is that it's not always nice and pink. There's a lot of bumps along the way and only by loving what you are doing - you will get through. On the worse day, when you really can't be asked - I'm afraid that you will just give up.

    If you haven't found that one thing that drives you more than anything else - I would stick to the safe employment. Work but in the same time explore opportunities around you. Strive to be the best at what you are curtrently doing and start working on your mindset. Maybe you will even be able to force your brain to actually focus on one thing.

    There is nothing wrong with having a lot of hobbies. Hobbies will not generate a stable financial freedom for you though. For that you need passion and drive. And a lot of persistence.

    Hope that helps at least a little! Whatever you choose to do I bid you good luck!
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  7. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Member

    Having a lot of interests is not what causes the problem, it's persistence. The main reason people loose interest in things is because they feel that they are not making progress with what they are doing. If you are just reading about your interests and not doing anything with the information, that is why you loose interest so quickly.

    Essentially if you want something done, you have to do it, it wont magically happen by itself.

    You said you were a fan of Italian food, and you wanted to write a book on this....can you cook? make it a recipe book, make it simple enough that anyone can follow it, you would be surprised at the amount of people that cant boil pasta.

    This is something I plan on doing when I have cleared off my plate a little bit. You can market your books via a blog (be sure to establish that first), on the blog you have so much content that you can give away for free without it effecting what goes into your book, like the basic skills of cooking, start from the beginning at a point where you assume the reader has never cooked anything before in their life, then build up the difficulty level on skill and technique, you could even go as far as how to select the best produce and how to store food to maximize it's life span.

    You have the ideas to make it work, you just need to find the work ethic, the part that makes you do it even on the days where you don't feel like doing it.

    Pick one thing, dedicate a few hours a week to it, do that for 6 months and then see how far you get.
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  8. Jennifer Lin

    Jennifer Lin Member

    Have you thought about writing an e-book about being a scanner? You seem to have a pretty good grasp on the concept, and the first hand experience would definitely be useful!

    As a person with many hobbies myself, I know how hard it can be to finish a project. But dedicating a little bit of time each day can yield some pretty spectacular results. When John Grisham started writing he set the goal of finishing one page each morning before turning to his work as a lawyer. Sometimes it took him 10 minutes, sometimes it would take him hours.

    The point is, but dedicating a little bit of time each day to something you want to finish, you can develop habits that will help you be more productive.
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  9. I'm the same exact way. I'm too ambitious, I like to explore different hobbies and pastimes, and I can never decide once and for all what I'd like to do with the rest of my life (lol).

    I've discovered that the best way to GSD (get **** done) is to look into the future. Where do I want to be in a few years? If only one of my five daydreams will take me there, I pick that one. And when I second-guess that decision, I remind myself of my goals.
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  10. cdbreder

    cdbreder Member

    Focus is of particular importance. Also, think about what value your product can bring...how is it differentiated from something similar?
  11. Apparently it isn't for me, otherwise it wouldn't be such a struggle to stick with something and keep my interest long enough to be successful.

    Well i can find things that drive me, but i am only driven to enjoy those things, not turn them into a business. For example i love photography, I feel intensely excited when I see the perfect scene and I finally get my camera to capture it correctly, but my excitement fades the minute I get on my computer and realize all the work that goes into transferring my files to my computer, renaming them, uploading them to a website, filling out all the data, prices, etc. I want to take pictures, not deal with technical stuff to make money from it. Another example of something I am passionately driven by is festivals, but how does one make money that way? Vendors make money at festivals but then they are stuck in their tent and can't fully enjoy the experience. Besides I am not an artist or anything that I could make money at for festivals. I just want to go to them, not work at them. This is the brick wall i always hit anytime i try to create a career out of an interest. Every time.

    Strive to be the best laundry washer? lol I already got that down. Safe employment is horrible in so many ways, it stresses me out and gives me anxiety and depression. I have had 9 jobs in the last 7 years because every time i escape one, the next one drives me to escape too. I almost walked out of my job last week because of one of my coworkers. My life revolves around work, i can't do anything with my day except get ready for work, work, and prepare for the next day of work. I can't take vacations, i can't even do anything i enjoy on my days off because my days off are days that nothing is happening and everyone else is working. I risk my life driving in crappy weather to get to work. I could go on.

    Well i certainly don't have passion and drive for any job i've ever had, I only have it for hobbies. But once hobbies become work, i lose the passion and drive, lol
  12. Well I have tried having websites and blogs, that is doing something, but I still lost interest. I said all I needed to say. It got old quick. It felt like a job.

    I am not that passionate about food. I love to eat it, but I don't care about the rest of that stuff. My fridge right now pretty much just has half empty condiment bottles and rotten things I forgot were in there. I am not cut out for creating a career out of food.

    I dont think i have a work ethic at all. Honestly the only reason i hold a job right now is because I would rather not deal with my mom's reaction. Once she is gone, i will retire immediately.

    I've done that many times. I never get very far at all, a few pages written that generate no income at all.
  13. Sure, i could START one, lol You know how many books I've started writing? Almost as many as I've started reading. As for a book about being a scanner though, I don't have any solutions for people, i would basically be explaining how i am (which is the same thing the other scanner authors do) and then that would be it.

    I have done a lot of things like this but it always ends. It's like there is some gene in me that prevents me from developing productive habits.
  14. But i don't have a product, lol I don't have a service. I sometimes get good ideas but they are similar to everything else out there, in fact i had a good idea for a website but then when i researched it, i found that someone else already created the exact website I wanted, right down to the detail, what the content included, how it was arranged on the page, literally everything about it was identical.
  15. I think this may be part of the problem. You have to be willing to pick one project and stick with it. Trust me - I know what it's like to bounce from hobby to hobby, from project to project. But I don't think anyone is excited about what they're doing 100% of the time they're doing it. They have patches of boredom or second-guessing, too - they just stick with the project anyway, because the end product is worth it.

    We can give you a thousand ideas on what to do or try, but it's ultimately up to you to decide which one is right. Only you can choose whether to stick with a project or move on to the next thing. Which one is more valuable to you -- collecting skills and experiences from a variety of areas, or finishing a project in just one? (Of course, you could move on to another area once that project is done.)
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