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Where do you store ideas?

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by ctfranklin28, Apr 9, 2016.

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  1. ctfranklin28

    ctfranklin28 Member

    It's one thing to come up with a brilliant idea (I believe we all have ideas that for one reason or another we don't act upon), but it's another to build a system for collecting ideas. I've slowly started working in this area with James Altucher's advice to write 10 ideas every day to build your "idea muscle".

    Just wondering, do you have any systems in place to collect ideas for your business (or life in general?)
  2. bhu

    bhu Member

    Now that's a great idea. It's a new one on me, so I'm interested in hearing how it works out for you. I'm definitely going to try this! I guess as far as collecting ideas, I'm always doing that. I found that simply bookmarking them in my browser doesn't quite achieve the goal. I can't remember when I've gone through my bookmarks to find anything. When I create a doc for links on a topic, I'll find myself seeking it out at an opportune moment and utilizing the information. Another thing I do is to open a gmail, copy paste the ideas there with the link I found them at, and send it to myself. But the docs storage is what I truly tend to use. Hope it helps. Actually writing new ideas is not a consistent habit yet. I usually do that when I've got ideas for new books, new ideas for existing books and lately, it often happens in chat convos with friends. What can I say? I surround myself with Muses. lol
  3. I think ideas come and go all the time. When you see something needs some fixing, or when someone tell you their problems on something. I think the ideas that solves your everyday problems are always the good ones. You can always reflect and relate to them. I always store them in the cloud, Notes App from apple. I can always access them on my devices, anywhere. I write the title and the brief description, like what is it and what problem is it solving. The important thing is I get it out of my head, or else i forget.
  4. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Member

    Whenever there is an idea that comes into my mind I always write it down on my notebook like a journal book because I might use it at a later time. Everyday we come to think of different ideas that we can use in the everyday aspects of our life. Either for our own personal use at home, at school or at work and for business purposes. It's great if we are given the opportunity to have many ideas in our mind because it only shows that our mind and thinking makes sense.
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  5. Corazon

    Corazon Member

    I was taught to use my phone as a note pad or note book where I can store ideas - anything that comes to my mind which needs storing like things to buy in the grocery, procedures in the office, business prospects, and other relevant matters. And when I get the time, I archive the ideas into a computer file. When the time comes that I need to do a research, my archive is my first haunt for there might be good items there that were products of my mind. By the way, that archive in the computer file includes experiences of others and advices.
  6. briannagodess

    briannagodess Member

    Hmmm... Interesting. Sad to say, I don't really do this. Although whenever a new website or idea comes into my mind, I try to type it on my notepad app or in the laptop. But it's great that you have that technique, you know, writing ten ideas everyday. I think it's also a way to keep your mind thinking instead of idling away.

    For instance, instead of watching television, you can instead think of new ideas for a business or a website. Or maybe if an idea pops out of your mind while watching television, you can write that down as well.

    I do have a little notebook where I put my goals and schedules. I think I might start using that for this purpose as well. Who knows if the ideas we put there might be the next big thing on the internet, lol. Now I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg had that little notebook for his ideas as well... Haha!
  7. jona

    jona Member

    I heard a very interesting idea the other day: your brain should be the CPU of the computer not the memory part, your brain should be used to process information and resolve problems not to memorize stuff, that's why you should always write everything down, from your ideas to your to do lists. People recommend carrying a small pocket bloc, something like the blocks that the Field Notes brand offers but it could be any small block. Carry it around and write everything down, I don't know if you should actually force yourself to write a set amount of ideas everyday but you certainly need to write down any ideas that come naturally.
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  8. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    Like Da Vinci, Ⅰ believe that inspiration is everywhere and carry a notebook with me at all times. I write down words, draw doodles and make lists when an idea strikes or if there's something I need to remember. In the evening, I look back at the ideas I've had and see if I have immediate use for them. If not, I put a note into my "ideas" folder in my computer's cloud. That folder gets a glimpse from me about every weekend or so for inspiration.
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  9. ctfranklin28

    ctfranklin28 Member

    So far, it's been working great. The focus that comes with creativity within positive limits can really force you to channel your thoughts in a powerful way.

    That being said, the other problem (as far as ideas go) is something you alluded to is coming across too many ideas from others on the Internet. This can lead to a LOT of what I call "positive distraction", looking up information that might be useful in the long term, but is killing your productivity in the short term.

    Example: A new way to apply Six Sigma to your business.
  10. ctfranklin28

    ctfranklin28 Member

    I believe in your philosophy and have been toying with the idea of a "commonplace book", one journal that holds all of the random thoughts, appointments, and anything else that comes along during the day.
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  11. ctfranklin28

    ctfranklin28 Member

    I like the analogy! I have come across this kind of analogy in cognitive psychology. While I don't it translates exactly (The brain is much more than a CPU), this analogy can be helpful to understanding the basics of how we process information. it also helps with the acronym GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out).
  12. jona

    jona Member

    Yes, the GIGO thing is linked to another interesting concept called the information diet, it basically states that we are over saturated with information and that's not healthy or productive since most of this information is a waste of time, like silly Facebook posts or even click bait material that appears to be serious articles but actually are just empty shells that teach you nothing. The idea of the information diet is to improve the quality and reduce the quantity of the media that you consume just like you would do with food if you wanted to lose some weight. Even if all the information that you consume from all media is quality the information diet states that you should reduce that to a bare minimum in order to be more productive.

    Keeping up with the current world affairs and reading about things like the business sector that your company belongs to is important, but I guarantee you that you could look around and find media that you consume that you could simply remove from your life and nothing of value would be lost.
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  13. swalia

    swalia Member

    I prefer storing my ideas in my journal. I always carry a small diary in my handbag. I also use Evernote for storing ideas. I have Evernote app on my cellphone and so it's easier to access it everywhere.
  14. Apolloniac

    Apolloniac Member

    I write down my ideas in a handy notebook. Boring I know but I've had a lot of notebooks since then and I think it's time I start looking for my old ones again and actually bring to life one of those ideas. I have a notebook in my bag as well as in my bedside table. It helps that I'm a writer by trade so all my crazy and corny ideas seep into my creative work.
  15. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    If I'm being honest I'm not really much of a thinker, and a lot if my ideas only come to me as I'm working on something else in a day to day basis. A problem crops up and I have to think on my feet to solve the issue there and then, but then I'll look at ways in how to resolve that issue in the long term also.
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  16. Digsby Trace

    Digsby Trace Member

    That's actually a great idea. I have a journal where I store my thoughts although not exactly about business plans and it amazes me when I read them and see how different I perceived things years ago. Writing your ideas and plans will help you remember and focus to achieve them.
  17. Ladyferoz

    Ladyferoz Member

    I use the Android app called Evernote to store my ideas and thoughts, it syncs up with my computer and it is perfect for this. I can scribble, draw a mini idea or capture photos. I have a quick shortcut on my phone to access it, and I am now a premium user because it was my main app I used when I went to travel, it was able to help me keep everything organized. I have been using it for a few years so it is ideal for me, before that I just used the normal notes application on my phone but always forgot to check it later because I could not set up reminders.
  18. ctfranklin28

    ctfranklin28 Member

    I agree with you and have been working on doing that. (I actually created a folder called "Information Overload" and I stick everything that isn't essential to work in there.) The tricky part is staying one step ahead of social media and clickbait articles which are really good at using psychology (such as interestiing photos, sounds, FOMO, etc.) to draw us back to distraction.
  19. bob1978

    bob1978 Member

    I just store them in my rather basic ideas site (runs offline at the moment). If something catches my interest, a product, an idea, a concept, I submit it down into a box. The box has miniboxes to store stuff about the idea. Things like possibilities, downsides, tools I need to build it, audience profiles, ideas for names, marketing ideas, expected timeframe for implementation, and so on. It keeps things organized and fast to browse through.
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  20. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    I can also vouch for Evermore being an excellent app, as although I didn't use it for ideas as you are doing, we do use it as a primary note taking app, if you want to call it that?

    Its secure, and it syncs to all your devices so it's also handy in that sense aswell. I can have a driver out in the road write something in that, then I in the office can log into it and read what notes he's put in there.
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