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Where are you going on vacation in 2015?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by KnowMore, Mar 17, 2015.

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  1. KnowMore

    KnowMore Member

    Personally going to tour Europe if I leave my job and you?
  2. OnTrial

    OnTrial Member

    Mexico in July
  3. Andy

    Andy Member

    Heading down to South of France later in the year!
  4. K

    K Member

    Back to Spain and planning a month long trip around Italy next year which I CANNOT wait for!
  5. Andy

    Andy Member

    @K make sure you visit the car factories in Italy ;)
  6. Azen

    Azen Member

    No idea but I really can't freaking wait. Last year we had plans that ended up getting pushed aside to help someone out and we never managed to find the time to reschedule it. This year even if we go somewhere local I am just going to unplug from everything.
  7. Mack T

    Mack T Member

    Want to visit Miami Beach this year.
  8. Dandelion

    Dandelion Member

    Want to visit France between Nov to Dec 2015.
  9. Aeon

    Aeon Member

    I'd like to visit the coast of croatia , a lot of people told me it is amazing.
  10. Zuckerberg Jr

    Zuckerberg Jr Member

    Right now in Rio De Janeiro
  11. Jordan Weston

    Jordan Weston Member

    Want visit papua new guinea. Haven't manage my time yet :(.
  12. Twista Tom

    Twista Tom Member

    I wish to visit Sri Lanka this year.
  13. Going to Spain this week :D
  14. Bike touring in Vermont Islands....
  15. azgold

    azgold Moderator Member

    Leaving for Ottawa in the morning for the long weekend (civic holiday here in Ontario, Canada); going to Vegas the week of August 17th...yippee!! Can't wait! Going to see The Beatles' Cirque du Soliel and making a trip to The Beatles store. I'm going to want at least one of everything!

    Oh yeah....and there's lots of penny slots to play. :)
  16. K

    K Member

    How was the trip?
  17. Ryan Cameron

    Ryan Cameron Member

    Want to visit Sri-Lanka. Try to manage the time but can't.
  18. mtayp01

    mtayp01 Member

    Going to Bali in November, can't wait!
  19. MandyMarieB

    MandyMarieB Member

    If we go anywhere, it will probably be to Virginia to see my grandparents. But alas, my line of work doesn't allow a lot of away time.
  20. Not going anywhere this year :(

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