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The Mindset of a Manager

Discussion in 'Mindset and Motivation' started by Take Career of Yourself, Sep 5, 2015.

What is your management style?

  1. Authoritative - Shoot first, ask questions later.

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  2. Strategical - Ask questions first, shoot later.

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  3. Motivational - Kill them with kindness.

  4. None of the above - I wouldn't ever murder my employees.

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Multiple votes are allowed.

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  1. When I first became a manager, I felt a little lost and unprepared as I entered my office on the first day. A few weeks prior, I had been a lower-level employee in a small business. Suddenly, I found myself managing a team of eight individuals in a large corporate office. Although I had experience working with peers within an office environment, the movement from peer to manager brought many unforeseen difficulties... The Mindset of a Manager | Take Career of Yourself
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