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Tax time for Entrepreneurs!

Discussion in 'Accounts and Finance' started by hiimjeremy, Apr 19, 2016.

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  1. hiimjeremy

    hiimjeremy Member

    Hey Pejman,

    Nice to meet you! It sounds like you've had a tremendous amount of success. Tax season in the US just passed pretty much, I wanted to know if you had any tips to get the most for yourself, being Self Employed?

    Can a new Entrepreneur in the online space get by without setting up an official business/company come tax time when he starts making some decent scratch on the internet? Are there a few guidelines you would be able to share so that the newbies in the space can be 100% prepared once they start earning a decent living online, as a self employed tax payer? If you have thoughts, that would be great!

    Loving your feature so far. Thanks for reading!
  2. Leverage what you use for marketing as a strategy. Instead of looking at conventional write offs like mileage on you car, leverage cars as an asset used for marketing if appropriate on your business. I teach people this in exoticcarhacks.com and they typically understand the loophole enough to make it work for them. Cars are only one of the many things you can write off
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  3. hiimjeremy

    hiimjeremy Member

    Good stuff! I currently work 1099 for a company who pretty much pays for a lot I need in order to make money, so there's only so much I can write off without having my own business which is sort of unfortunate. I don't drive more than a few times to meet up with partners per year currently, so I'm not sure if I can write off anything other than mileage.

    I'm pretty sure I'll need to set up an official business at some point though, to take advantage of more of those write-offs. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Yes, you need a real LLC or S Corp. Not a schedule C or SP.

    Where and what you drive to has no relevance on the write off I am talking about.

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