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Tax Bill calculator?

Discussion in 'Accounts and Finance' started by KnowMore, Mar 17, 2015.

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  1. KnowMore

    KnowMore Member

    Is there an online tool or somethign I can use to enter earnings etc and predict my tax bill?
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  2. Roy Roger

    Roy Roger Member

    We offer tax preparation services at low cost, you can PM me if interested.
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  3. Kathryn M.

    Kathryn M. Member

    I just punch in what I made for the month into a regular calculator and subtract 35%. I never really know what tax bracket I will fall into so I just subtract the absolute most I know the tax man will come after so I am always on the safe side.:cool:
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  4. Jack Benoit

    Jack Benoit Member

    Sеlf Еmplоymеnt Tаx Саlсulаtоr
    Usе this саlсulаtоr tо еstimаtе yоur sеlf-еmplоymеnt tаxеs fоr 2015. Sеlf-еmplоymеnt tаxеs соvеr Sосiаl Sесurity аnd Mеdiсаrе tаxеs thаt, in thе саsе оf individuаls whо wоrk fоr оthеrs, аrе tаkеn саrе оf by pаyrоll withhоlding. Hоwеvеr, if yоu аrе sеlf-еmplоyеd, оpеrаtе а fаrm оr аrе а сhurсh еmplоyее yоu mаy оwе sеlf-еmplоymеnt tаxеs. This саlсulаtоr usеs 2015 tаx tаblеs аnd shоuld nоt bе usеd fоr еstimаting 2016 sеlf-еmplоymеnt tаxеs.
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  5. setupdisc

    setupdisc Member

    Was there supposed to be a link included with your post to an external site to help people calculate? It may not have made it into your post or might have accidentally been filtered out by the system. I saw your post and just wanted to ask. There are a few online, but if you wanted to post up the one you had for this either with an edit or under this comment, that would be great. :) Thanks Jack!
  6. setupdisc

    setupdisc Member

    (It is something you can do on the form or with a desk calculator, but there are some XML calculators out there like this one for people to use if they want to)
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