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  1. Faruk Barber

    Faruk Barber Entrepreneur

    Hi All

    Just wondered if anyone know where I can get rid of around 400 pieces of new teenage girls clothing?

    Here are some details regarding the stock:

    The collection consists of:

    • T – Shirts

    • Tops

    • Cardigans

    • Denim Jackets

    • Jackets

    • Jeans

    • Trousers

    • Skirts

    • Dresses

    The retail price I was selling these at:

    • T-shirts – from £9.99

    • Tops – from £19.99

    • Cardigans – from £24.99

    • Jackets – from £24.99

    • Jeans, trousers & skirts from £24.99

    • Dresses – from £49.99

    You won't be paying anything near to these prices above.

    All items are:

    • Individually packed in proper plastic garment bags.

    • Perfects and no seconds

    • Have correct care labels inside

    • Made with great care

    • Size’s are Small, Medium, Large & XLarge

    These were designed for the petite lady in mind, but would fit teenage girls.

    Also I have been selling these here & there on the internet and at trade shows some of the styles do not have full size’s availability.

    I want to sell the whole collection altogether and I’m looking at £2/£3 per piece.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Steve Jobs Junior

    Steve Jobs Junior Entrepreneur

    Try some classified ads site or contact local online e-shop.

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