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  1. Sam

    Sam Entrepreneur

    I have been collecting expertise over the past few years and now want to begin a consulting company.

    What should my first steps be?
    -What legal stepping stones are there? (UK)
    -What is the best way to approach clients?

    Grateful for any help.

  2. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator Entrepreneur

    @Sam , Nature wise the first step is always taken by the self. Let it be plant, animal or human being.

    Go ahead and jump in .. just keep swimming.. on the way you will get interest from many .. avoid the sharks and whale ... choose the best and sail through again!.

    Drop all the fears from the first step itself , accept every failure as a success and enjoy the ride.

    That's the journey of Entrepreneurship!.
    Sam likes this.
  3. cdbreder

    cdbreder Entrepreneur

    Two main issues to consider
    1) Your value: how can you demonstrate something different from others in the field
    2) your network: what is our plan to increase your exposure

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