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Something is wrong with this forum...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 111kg, Nov 26, 2015.

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  1. 111kg

    111kg Member

    There are way too many threads like this:
    1) Weekend plans? | Entrepreneur Forum | EntrepreneurFix
    2) What do you eat for breakfast? | Entrepreneur Forum | EntrepreneurFix
    3) Count to 1000. | Page 30 | Entrepreneur Forum | EntrepreneurFix
    4) What was the last thing you ate? | Page 2 | Entrepreneur Forum | EntrepreneurFix

    Come on, we are supposed to be entrepreneurs discussing about real stuff, not about our last breakfast or stuff like that. It just ruins the purpose of the forum, even though these threads are in the general lounge section.
  2. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    I would like to hear more from the membership regarding this. We need to know when our members are in need of anything at all that we can provide.
  3. William Clements

    William Clements Moderator Member

    @ 111kg, There are plenty of other forum threads/posts that are on topic about Entrepreneurship. Those that you listed are just some of the forums that are here just for fun. If you do not want to participate in those then feel free to skip those!
  4. EF-Roger

    EF-Roger Member

    TY for your comments. They are meant for our posters to have fun. Sometimes people come here and it is a slow day for business discussion. So it gives them other things to talk about instead of just coming here, and then leave.

    We realize the threads you mentioned are not threads some would approve of, that being said, many posters do approve of them. So we provide these threads or them.
  5. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    Well, yes, this is a forum about entrepreneurship. However, it doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about general/random stuff anymore. Those topics are not posted on the Entrepreneurship section anyway, they're on the General section. I don't see anything wrong with that.
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  6. Hi all!

    I just joined and I haven't had the opportunity to look at all that EntrepreneurFix has to offer though I look forward to doing so in the future! However, I decided to stop at the introductions page first (it seemed like a logical first stop lol) and then backtracked to the general posts here. I thought maybe I could provide a newcomer's perspective on this subject.

    I understand that this is an area for general discussions and I'm certain that if members had a general topic to discuss that they may just do so here. But based on my first impression, it looked like only 2 or 3 people were posting the majority of threads in this section and almost all the posts were attempts to get people talking about general topics. I'm not sure that's the way to go...

    There are tons of places for people to go and discuss random randomness (Reddit, for instance). The appeal of this site, in my opinion anyway, is the fact that it's directed at entrepreneurs specifically. Other forum sites, like Reddit, may offer entrepreneur or business related nooks, but it's not sufficient for most of us. That's why EntrepreneurFix seemed like such an awesome find! Finally, a forum for people like myself, talking about the subjects that matter most to our professional lives! It's the fact that this site markets itself as a place just for us entrepreneurs that makes it so unique and special!

    Maybe we would like to take a quick break and see if anyone else was shocked at how that show ended last night, and if we do, then the creators of this site have made a place for us to have those conversations. That's sufficient. As a newcomer, when I saw that the vast majority of posts on the general page were from the same people, all posting random things and just trying to solicit random responses--I was a little thrown off. If entrepreneurs really wanted to use this specific website as a place to have general, non-business related discussions (which I doubt they would come here to do), there would be a variety of people posting a variety of different threads and comments on the general conversations page, not 2 people posting threads like "What's your favorite color?", "What makes you happy?", "What makes you sad?", "What are your favorite hamburger toppings?" and so forth.

    Like I said, there are a million and one places to discuss random, general topics; but there is really no good place to connect with other entrepreneurs, who are serious about business. EntrepreneurFix is setup to be that one good place. I wouldn't distract new people like myself from that golden goose opportunity by desperately trying to engage people into non-business related conversations. It seems needy and cloying. If people want to talk about what they like on their hamburgers or their serious dislike of ingrown toenails, they know that the general page exists and they can discuss it there, but if not, then just leave it empty and be proud knowing that serious, real-life entrepreneurs come to this website to converse and connect with each other! That's something to be proud of and it's more than enough to keep people interested.
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  7. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    Very cogent and well thought out!
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  8. Thank you T J! I'm happy to be here and thanks for having me!
  9. EF-Roger

    EF-Roger Member

    Nice post.

    Three people may be posting in this forum, but is here for all of us.

    All of you can post in here about anything off topic.
  10. Hi EF,

    I can't speak for everyone, I haven't even been a member for a full 24 hours yet and I wouldn't presume to speak on anyone's behalf. Having said that, I assume most people know that they can use the "general" area for miscellaneous discussions. In fact, that's sort of what my point was, that people do know they can use the general area if they feel like discussing topics unrelated to business or entrepreneurship. However, it appears as though only a couple people do and that those people aren't just average members.

    If I was fortunate enough to have a site such as this, I would probably include a general "water cooler" area as well. But I wouldn't highlight in any way by attempting to pull my site's visitors into conversations. The reason I wouldn't do that in the general area is because I wouldn't want to give the wrong impression that this site is in anyway the same as every other forum site. Instead, I would choose to nurture conversations in the entrepreneurial areas of the forum, as those are the areas I would want to be most known for. If my site's members wanted to talk about random things, they'd know where to do it, but I wouldn't spend time cultivating those types of discussions, I would just provide a place for it to happen naturally and members can choose to use it or not.
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  11. Bonsco

    Bonsco Member

    I would have to agree with Ashley. I've been here for less than 3hrs and think that time is every entrepreneur's most valuable asset. I feel like I'm waisting my time even posting!!!
  12. K

    K Member

    I agree with you to some extent and its something we're currently addressing with the team.

    These threads will always be on forums as they encourage activity etc however I agree that they should 100% be in the general lounge and also should in no way shape or form outweigh activity in real threads and discussions.

    We are working on improving the amount of quality discussions and would appreciate everyones help in creating them also :)!

    Here's to building the number on entrepreneur forum online!

    Thank you all!
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  13. William Clements

    William Clements Moderator Member

    I too hear and understand your points as well. However, like @K said, forum's do have an general discussion area and some only focus on that. However, here we do have them but we do have a large amount of topics on Entrepreneurial but are broken down by niche. I am an mod here and I oversee EntrepreneurFix's Online and Internet Marketing and Sales, Marketing and PR & AffiliateFix's Facebook Group Mod.

    Although, you can also read and participate in just the topics/threads/posts your interested in and once you have gone through them all, and then up where it says "New Posts" in right hand order and the amount is listed in red, click on it and there, below it in small print and before the posts you will see "Mark Forums Read". If you click on that then it will mark them all as red. You can then ignore those your not interested in.

    @K, this does give me an idea to see if you would be interested in adding an feature where members can choose to opt out of seeing particular topics/sub-topics/forums/threads such as "Play". Default can be they are optin to all but cna opt out and when they do, they will not see that section and will not be counted as a new post in the above count. Maybe even make it so they can opt out from even seeing that section even exists. This maybe an solution to the problem. Deleting, would not be the solution!!!

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