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  1. EF-Roger

    EF-Roger Entrepreneur


    In an interview in his luxurious wood-paneled office in Midtown Manhattan on Tuesday, iconic 75-year-old designer Ralph Lauren said that in handing off his title of CEO to a new person, he's not slowing down — but, rather, he sees Stefan Larsson, 41, as a partner as the company spearheads future sales growth.

    "I am here, and I am not leaving," said Lauren. "Stefan is coming to the company because I really believe he's going to be an interesting addition."

    Asked whether he chose Larsson, global president of Gap's low-price Old Navy chain, because of his success in fast fashion, Lauren acknowledged he is a good businessman, but, more importantly, they share a common vision.

    Read more Ralph Lauren hands over reins of fashion brand, but isn't leaving - The Denver Post

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