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Porsche or Tesla

Discussion in 'Cars and Vehicles' started by dwhs, Aug 8, 2015.

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  1. dwhs

    dwhs Business Owner Entrepreneur

    I have my dream car now a convertible silver Porsche 911 but all I can think of is a new Tesla. I think I will wait until the price comes down. Just obsessed, but I probably would be obsessed with a Porsche if I had a Tesla...

    911.jpg tesla.jpg
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  2. Yozah

    Yozah Entrepreneur

    Tesla does look indeed very nice.
  3. donar

    donar Entrepreneur

    hi i owned a silver 911 coupe for 4 years here in Sydney in the '90's, fabulous car , wonderful engineering but i do not want another one. i could not handle the worry again of someone deliberately damaging it when i parked somewhere , or the problems when we went for a drive on a sunday with young hoons in souped up old 254 v8 holden monaros who want to race , i did not mind racing any of them if i was assured there was no a policeman up the road with a speed gun , too much stress at my age i am afraid , donar

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