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  1. Kiwi

    Kiwi Entrepreneur

    Hi ! I' m a kiwi who lives in Australia. I started an online store 4 months ago, hardly have any sales or online visitor/ prospect buyer.
    This is my first venture into business and I am not sure how to solve this challenge, it would be great if anyone of you willing to share your thought & infinite wisdom with me, thanks!
    Some of the things I have done after the store went live 4 months are:
    1) register with local free business directories
    2) listed some of the products for sale on eBay & GumTree besides selling it at our online store.
    3) setup social media networks,i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Google+
    4) no paid advertisement yet.

    As a brand new store, a big chunk of our products are operate on dropship basis as we have limited capital. Our plan is eventually to have own brand products after we have identified market demand by selling other brands' products. The profit margin is relatively low on dropship business model...we wonder
    1) how we can improve the online traffic & sales.
    2) should we focus on selling one category of product only(e.g. Sports,rehab braces & supports) instead of a bit of everything.
    3) how we can differentiate our online store from our competitors who have been in the market for >5 years.
    4) should we undercut our competitors in term of pricing on every item?.
    5) how to gain more local online traffic/ visitors, currently we ship our products within Australia only.
    6) any other ways to generate cashflow to balance the book, eg selling affiliate program @ the store

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  2. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Entrepreneur

    Hello @Kiwi , welcome to EntrepreneurFix! Great to have you join us.


    1. It's awesome that you're so forthcoming about your business and challenges, they are definitely topics to include in your introduction.

    2. I highly recommend that you post exactly what you have included here in one the following threads:
    General Business and Entrepreneurship
    Online and Internet Marketing

    By posting your
    challenges in one of the two threads above, you will get more attention from the membership. As well, you want to have the ongoing discussion that will result from being in the proper forum and not so much in the Introductions area. It'll be in the more mainstream area that way.

    We'll look forward to your posts and threads. You are taking action and that is the most important element. Now it's just a matter of refinement to get your business in the groove!
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2015
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  3. Kiwi

    Kiwi Entrepreneur

    Thanks TJ Tutor. I have posted my question to General Business & Entrepreneur section.


  4. Griffin

    Griffin Entrepreneur

    Exactly what he said. Post your questions in our carefully refined sections so that you can ensure that you can the niche-related help you need. Welcome to the forum.
  5. William Clements

    William Clements Moderator Business Owner Entrepreneur

    @Kiwi , welcome to EntrepreneurFix!

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