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Marketing at flea markets

Discussion in 'Traditional Marketing and Promotion' started by amiller280, Mar 20, 2016.

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  1. amiller280

    amiller280 Member

    So I have been sitting on this idea lately of opening a table or booth at my local flea market(they are huge around my area) and selling items off of aliexpress. Plated jewelry, cool tech items, clothes, and I have ordered a lot of products to test and they all seem perfect for the idea. While thinking this over I had the idea to make some type of business card or flier to leave at the booth to hand over to the people buying my items. This is where I'm at a little bit of a loss. Should I promote some type of affiliate deal with a custom landing page, or should I promote my aliexpress affiliate site where they click items on my site and then get transferred(exact same as amazon affiliate). I even thought about just finding a free ebook and using it to build up email lists. What do you guys think? I know I can make money off of any idea just wondering what would be my best ROI
  2. I'm so sorry that your question was never answered, @amiller280 ! Luckily our forum is starting to pick back up, so you should find more help now than you may be used to.

    To start, I think business cards and flyers would be a wonderful idea. Many artists at my local flea markets set out business cards at their booths, so that if someone can't afford their product at the time or simply wants to recommend them to a friend, they can grab a card. Flyers would be great to put up at your local cafes, a nearby library, a train station, etc -- or wherever you can find your target market.

    A landing page would be nice and simple. You could display photos of your products and your contact information -- you wouldn't need much else, except maybe a calendar showing when and where you'll be at certain flea markets. However, I think aliexpress and other affiliate pages would make the situation too complex.

    I'd recommend setting up an Instagram account, too. Post a few photos of your products and follow other local artists. You'll see your follower count fly in no time.
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