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Just a few businesses I tried or thought of trying

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by Ali, Nov 2, 2015.

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  1. Ali

    Ali Member

    A clothing store
    eBay sales
    amazon sales
    writing a book
    writing an online course
    web design
    creating a app
    coffee business
    toilet paper subscription service
    clothing line
    and many more I will probably add later if people respond lol

    anyone successful at any of these?
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  2. missbishi

    missbishi Member

    I used to sell on eBay years ago, when there were still good profits to be made. Sadly, the increasing fees along with the rising cost of postage and the huge bias towards the customer made my business impossible to sustain.

    Whatever it is you choose, I wish you all the best : )
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  3. Ali

    Ali Member

    I still sell on eBay to this day for extra income, but yes your right because they do always choose the customer over the seller which is annoying.
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  4. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    I have never tried neither one from your list. I am very much into writing though, and I would love to be a published author someday. And yes, I am also thinking about starting an online clothing store as I am actually fond of online shopping too.
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  5. Ali

    Ali Member

    Have you thought of selling the clothes on eBay? I have success selling clothes on there at good margins.
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  6. 111kg

    111kg Member

    I've been working in a coffee shop for a few months on the side. I'll definitely open my own coffee shop once I have enough money. If you are in a good area, it's impossible to fail as long as you offer the customers good stuff and are nice to them.
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  7. Ali

    Ali Member

    Could you tell me more about the coffee shop? What is the name? What city? Also, do you know how much revenue they bring in annually? I'm very interested.
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  8. Griffin

    Griffin Member

    I've always wanted to go into a clothing line, specifically a comfort based clothing line. I feel like many designers just care about style, not comfort. However, it would require a sizable investment that I can't afford.
    Regarding apps, what apps have you thought of? An app is a very, very general thing.
    Some nice ideas, look forward to hearing from you more.
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  9. 111kg

    111kg Member

    It's a coffee to go type of shop in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Keep in mind that Romania is a country in which the average salary is $300 or even lower. Now... it is my chemistry teacher's coffee shop and I've never asked anything about the financials, but from what I've found out, apparently, she's making about $2000 per month and $1200 in profit (the other $800 go to paying the salaries, rent, taxes and so on).

    We sell about 30 liters of coffee per day and about 100 espresso's.
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  10. Flintrock

    Flintrock Member

    As a start up, something you can do on the side in addition to a full time job may be best to see how well it works. A number of ideas on your list fit that category.

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  11. Virtus

    Virtus Member

    Used to buy Luwak Coffe from a wholesaler and selling it to the local shops .
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  12. I'm into Web Design since 2002 catering to offshore clients in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and have been successful so far... going steady...:)
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  13. swalia

    swalia Member

    I always wanted to have a small bookstore but this is not a viable business option nowadays considering the declining reading habits. I have tried an Ebay shop but it didn't work for me. I am running my astrology and tarot reading services successfully now.
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  14. bria1

    bria1 Member

    Okay..please explain toilet paper subscription business. What does this en-tell...would love to understand what needs to be explored in this type of business.
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  15. jona

    jona Member

    Jokes asides from the toilet paper thing there is a tendency right now to buy household items from subscriptions services, I've heard of company offering shaving products, mattresses and even wine. They usually own the factory or sell a product directly, thus cutting the proverbial middle man and having prices that are lower than what you can find in stores.

    How about a subscription service that allows you to receive a new blend or type of coffee each month?
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  16. remnant

    remnant Member

    I have always wanted to start a passive income business where I can sit back and watch my income grow. I do subscribe to the school of thought that advocates to let money work for the investor. A cyber cafe business is another venture that I plan to start in future.
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  17. djentre

    djentre Member

    A clothing store - Never tried this
    eBay sales - Tried this. Made a good amount of money. I was 13-ish
    amazon sales- Tried this. Works for me. I am now a fan of the FBA program too.
    writing a book - Wrote a bunch of ebooks and sold them on kindle and itunes. They still bring in a little money $200 a month.
    writing an online course - Tried that, but it was just way too much work. I am thinking of trying Udemy again though.
    web design - nope
    creating a app - Yes. Well not creating the app completely by myself, but I have tried this route. Had moderate success on iTunes store.
    coffee business - Nope
    toilet paper subscription service - Well, never tried it. But, I think its a great idea.
    clothing line - Again never tried this.
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  18. bria1

    bria1 Member

    I am also thinking about selling old clothing on Ebay. I usually like to give things away to people in the neighborhood but it is difficult to find someone who will take care of these things. I am going to try and see how well I like it.
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  19. djentre

    djentre Member

    Why don't you try selling on Amazon using their FBA program. You just have to get your product to their warehouse and list. They take care of shipping, packaging, etc.
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  20. eProject

    eProject Member

    For me I have been writing and selling articles for 5 years now. I have tried affiliate marketing but I was not successful which made me to quit the programs. I have also tried to flip domains on flippa. I have never tried to get paid to click on ads. I am thinking of joining the Amazon affiliate program as from next year.
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