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Is blogging profitable?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing and Promotion' started by Marz, Jan 13, 2016.

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  1. Marz

    Marz Member

    is blogging profitable from day 1? How long did it take you to make money online via blogging?
  2. Zac Johnson

    Zac Johnson Member

    Blogging is definitely profitable. Most people are just doing it wrong.

    Follow this guide -- How to Make Money Blogging / From Start to Business...

    I started making money online in 1995 and started blogging in 2007. I blogged for 9 months before I tried to make any money with the site. If you create a site that solves a problem, it will be a thousands times easier to make money with it.
  3. swalia

    swalia Member

    Blogging needs time and patience. You can't start making money from day one. I have been blogging for almost two years now and have yet to monetize my blog.
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  4. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    I also think that blogging is profitable, as for being profitable from day one, then I'm not so sure.

    It takes time for a blog to become established I've found in the past and so it can take time before you see any monetary benefits from your hard work.

    If you find a niche that's popular though, and you don't expect to make your first million in a matter of months, it can supply a modest income and is definitely worth doing. As long as you like writing of course.
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  5. RickyW

    RickyW Member

    Blogging is definitely profitable. I started blogging back in sept 2013 and started making money within 6 or so weeks.

    Making money from blogging on day 1 is a little more tricky but can be done by building your email list before you launch. You can do this in a number of ways but the best way is to guest post on relevant blogs in your chosen niche and link back to an email sign up page.

    If you have a list of say 1000 subs on the day you launch, I can't see why you wouldn't be able to generate profit from day 1.
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  6. djentre

    djentre Member

    For me blogging wasn't profitable as a standalone thing. But, I converted my blogs into kindle books and that earned me a lot of money. Also, once I started partnering with major websites in my blogs' niches, and got on board with a couple of affiliate marketing programs, things improved. Google ads don't pay.
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  7. Bonyi

    Bonyi Member

    I can't really say it is. I tried it once and had to close the blog may be because I didn't wait long enough.
    At the long, I think that's when start profiting.
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  8. thedude

    thedude Member

    Yes it is, but don't expect to make much money unless you have an amazing blog that stands out from the crowd and gets backlinks from high page ranked sites. The key is to be a great writer and become a known expert of your niche, and dont break googles rules because you need to be listed.
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  9. sar777

    sar777 Member

    Blogging can definitely be profitable, however, I have never heard of a case where blogging was profitable from day one. Perhaps there are cases IF someone already had a loyal list where they pre-promoted the launch of the blog and it was tied to an additional source of income. In addition, you could potentially from day 1 have a profitable blog if you can get advertisers prior to starting the blog - however, that again requires having the ability to convince an advertiser you can pretty much guarantee a certain number of eyes that will see their traffic from the very beginning.

    There are always ways to do something that is mainly unheard of, but it either takes some work up front to get in place or some really creative thinking. And I agree with some of the other posts here, it does definitely take time, as with anything that makes money online, you need to do things consistently and with quality and always, providing something of value or that provides new information or even old information in a new way is going to put you on the path to success quicker.

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  10. Marketer

    Marketer Member

    Lots of really informative and helpful posts here! I am not yet a blogger but plan to start in the next 6 weeks or so. I hope to eventually be able to make money from blogging but most posts I have read about blogging indicate that it may take a 2 to 5 years to build a following and make much money. I know of others who replaced their 'real job' income with blogging and were able to quit their jobs and work from home. I doubt that the majority of bloggers are able to do so but it certainly works for those who focus on continuity and great content.
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  11. If you know how to do this right way, you can definitely make a decent income via blogging. I have been making money through online writing since 2012. However, in order to make blogging profitable you need to work hard. Writing/ publishing is not enough, you must has marketing skills.
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  12. 111kg

    111kg Member

    Starting from day one with the help of organic traffic? Nope! You can't simply throw a wordpress theme, write some simple article and expect rivers of money to come, unless you are a really known person and you bring some real value starting from day one.

    However, blogging can be profitable, but you really need to persuade people that your content is worth of their time.
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  13. Pop

    Pop Member

    Is a piece of string long?

    Yes you can make money even from day one, but probably not a lot. It's like anything really. It can be wildly successful, it can be a total waste of time.

    I think the most I have made from a blog on day one itself was about 5c. But then I tend to soft launch and develop blogs not keep them secret and go live only when they are fully developed.
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  14. Marketer

    Marketer Member

    In most cases I would say you are building a business. That means it usually doesn't happen overnight. You need to build a list, encourage followers, have great content and be consistent.

    Stay focused, work hard, plan well and don't quit.

    There are lots of people making a great income from blogs but probably most are not. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media for lots of free exposure and to get the traffic to your blog. Make the visit worthwhile. Over deliver great content consistently to create subscribers. Make sure your blog site is inviting and visually appealing. Comment on lots of other blogs, especially with similar subjects and interests, use your site signature when commenting.

    In my opinion, anything that is 'get rich quick' can fail just as fast. Build something solid.
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  15. ctfranklin28

    ctfranklin28 Member

    Yes and no, like everything else on the Internet. Yes, you can earn money through blogging either directly (through ads, selling products/services, etc.) or indirectly (promoting your business through a blog). The answer is that it is never easy and never works out the way you planned. Your best bet is to find something that works for your time, your creativity, and your audience. if you think blogging will do it, write a simple 1-page plan, and get to it!
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  16. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    It's going to be really profitable as long as you stay hardworking, creative, innovative, and most of all, patient. You cannot make money through blogging right away. It would somehow take you a lot of time and effort.
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  17. setupdisc

    setupdisc Member

    It's like building a house, or even a cabin in the woods if starting smaller. It's going to take time, patience, and persistence even on the days that you feel like slighting it or putting it off. Even if you move slowly, you should always keep building on it or it will never get finished and the work that you invest will only be partially realized or go to waste if left undone. It always takes time, but the more you build - even if slowly - the better and more rewarding the results are. A lot of people think that you have to be exceptional and have the very best content, but that's not always the case.

    Being complete and identifying with your audience so that they get the very most out of what you provide is the strongest element for anyone building a blog. Giving people incentive to come back is imperative. Sometimes what you offer and what others offer may overlap. It's not always possible to cover 100% unique and original topics all of the time. If what you convey to others can reach them better than someone else, what you write will always be of more use and will keep people coming back and glad to read your blog. It's always hardest in the beginning, but it gets easier the more you write as long as you offer something (no matter how great or small) on a regular basis for users to read that can help them in some way.
  18. eProject

    eProject Member

    Yes, blogging is profitable as long as you are a serious blogger. You will have to work hard if you want to earn from your blogs. First you will have to work hard to to get the right content for your customers and second you will need customers who don't just come by if you are not serious. Blogging involves adding content to your blogs, regularly. You must consider posting original content for you to have more unique visitors. After getting the traffic then you will have to choose the type of products or services that you will promote through your blogs. Since your site's visitors will be your potential customers, you will earn after they have made purchases.
  19. Spirit

    Spirit Member

    I think it is for the select few. At least that's been my experience from doing a bit of research on it. I've had a blog for a while and haven't been able to monetize it very much. To be honest, I really need to put a fair few more hours into it in order to make it viable. I also need to attract more traffic, as at the moment it's not seeing a whole lot. But the concept is certainly working for a lot of the more successful bloggers, who effectively use it as a platform to sell other goods and services.
  20. ctfranklin28

    ctfranklin28 Member

    I will agree with you about profitable blogging being for a select few bloggers. You need that perfect balance of time, software, strategy, and awesomeness to really stand out in a crowded (and growing more crowded by the day) marketplace. The best guide I can provide for anyone wanting to "make money blogging" is to look at profitable bloggers as a guide, not a mold. Your potential path to riches will never be the same as anyone else.

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