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Trading IMPORT and EXPORT more easily

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, or Trade' started by Toggar, Aug 11, 2016.

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  1. Toggar

    Toggar Member

    You need a B2B (Business to business) online marketplace to trade easier than ever before. On Toggar.com, an online platform that connects buyers and sellers worldwide, you can share your products online. This will increase dramatically your visibility therefore your customer base therefore your sales.
    Toggar, which loosely translates to ‘traders’ in Arabic, was recently founded in 2014 at Germany. It is the first online B2B company concerning the countries from Europe and Middle East. It aims to increase and improve business activities and transactions in these regions. Toggar helps by increasing the market reach of all businesses, from cheap manufacturers to the best wholesalers everywhere.
    Toggar serves as a host business for selling products and services. However, Toggar does not take commissions from any successful business transactions made between the sellers and consumers. This eliminates unnecessary costs for your business – leading to more savings and profits.
    For small enterprises, registering their products and services at Toggar.com can provide the means to execute business transactions with higher efficiency.

  2. hashim

    hashim Member

    What is the process to get registered? is there any membership or commission based?
  3. hashim

    hashim Member

  4. Ezy

    Ezy Member

    Hi Thanks for the tip and I will try it out

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