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I need investor to begin my company

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, or Trade' started by Gibran, Dec 17, 2015.

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  1. Gibran

    Gibran Member

    Hi there, i´m starting the next year my own company with two partners; our company is dedicated to construction and design of of any house, building or loft, etc in México and USA; so for these reason i need investment to begin my company; i hope you can help me , regards.
  2. Griffin

    Griffin Member

    Do you have any more details in regards to this company? Why it would be successful? A website? What makes it a promising business? How large of an investment do you need?
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  3. Gibran

    Gibran Member

    Hi, we have a business plan, in this moment we are in a incubation program but it will finish this week, so we need customer to survive; we don´t have a web page yet, but it´s in process.

    Our company focus in these categories:

    - Design drafts
    - Executive Project
    - Visualization 3D (Renders)
    - Supervision and construction management

    It makes a promising business because you always need to construction building, houses, lofts, etc; so we try to attack that kind of customer, the customer how management franchises houses, construction business, people how want to construction a expensive or big house.

    It supposes that the investment will be $100,000 dollars, and the people how invests will recover in 2 years, so what do you think?,

    I wait your answers .
  4. Karan

    Karan Member

    I think it'd be a good idea to perhaps create a pitch deck that outlines your financial projections (if possible yet), your target market and what separates you from your existing competitors. I created a Pitch Deck (presentation, of about 12 slides) for my company and was connected with some investors from Google. A pitch deck clearly outlines your goals and streamlines the investment process a little more.

    I agree with Griffin, it'd be good to have a website with some concepts or designs so people can get an idea of your level of experience. :)
  5. Gibran

    Gibran Member

    Thanks for the advice Karan, let me create a pitch deck and upload here, so you can have a better understanding of my business.
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  6. Joe

    Joe Member

    I'm currently in a similar situation and if you can get your business going and I also we may be able to start a sort of partnership.
  7. Gibran

    Gibran Member

    What is your project, Joe?
  8. Joe

    Joe Member

    It's an easy access locking company geared towards homes we could pm about it in more detail but it would as value to your homes.
  9. Gibran

    Gibran Member

    So, actually Joe, are you working in the construction area?.
  10. Gibran

    Gibran Member

    So, any of you know about one page that can help me to contact to investor begin my company?
  11. I am working in the construction industry and I do believe that if you want to do design of a full house then there is nothing that would stop you making this into a global service as your clients can give you specifications to design to.

    On top of this, I would recommend that an architect among your team would also be extremely useful as the co-ordination with design should become more effiecient.

    Another recommendation would be to make sure that the credit history of yourself and team members be good because then you could save up and purchase a parcel of land and then request for a loan from a secure source such as a bank or a trusted lender.
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