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  1. Bobrichmore

    Bobrichmore Business Owner Entrepreneur

    Making Money with your camera? You might be thinking “oh this is just a post talking about taking pictures with a nice camera and selling them on the internet.” Well I have good news for you then, this article is not about that. This detailed guide will show you how make bucks by taking pictures of your grocery receipts with this amazing app.


    Receipt Hog is an app that allows you to take a picture of your receipt and turn it into cash no matter what you purchase or where you purchase it from. Receipt Hogs moto is Snap receipts, earn coins, and redeem for cash!

    Overview of Receipt Hog
    Platforms: Andriod and IOS

    Who is it for? Everyone in the US

    Minimum Payout: $5 (1000 coins)

    Payout Options: Paypal or Amazon gift card

    Each receipt is not created equal! If your purchase receipt is under 10 Bucks you will only receive 5 coins which equates to about $0.001 and on the other end a receipt yielding $100 or more will give you a profitable $0.02 or 20 coins. You must now be wondering what does Receipt Hog do with my receipts? Not to my surprise they sell your data to corporations looking to know what you buy and when. Overall Receipt Hog is one of the easier money making apps out there, but all in all its really not worth it unless you shop a lot and constantly spend over $100.
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