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How many watches do YOU own?

Discussion in 'Fashion and Accessories' started by K, Oct 9, 2014.

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  1. K

    K Member

    How many do you own and what are they?
  2. Andy

    Andy Member

    Only 2 at this moment in time but will no doubt be spending a lot more time building the collection in the near future!
  3. ASAP!

    ASAP! Member

    1, hoping to buy a new one after Christmas
  4. azgold

    azgold Moderator Member

    Two. One is a Victorinox and I'm not sure about the other. It was a gift and I haven't worn it yet.
  5. ASAP!

    ASAP! Member

    3 to date only 1 worth shouting about
  6. TyForest

    TyForest Member

    18, im an addict lol
  7. Azen

    Azen Member

    One for now but I am okay with that, it was found when I was a kid and we have no idea who really owned the watch. In fact I don't even know what type of watch it is other than being a pocket watch (which I tend to lean towards).

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