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  1. mtayp01

    mtayp01 Entrepreneur

    How did you come up with your business' Unique Selling Proposition? Did you always want to venture into your current business or was it something that just popped into your head out of the blue? I'm eager to hear your responses.

  2. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Entrepreneur

    I haven't ventured into any kind of business yet, but of course, I am very much interested in being an entrepreneur someday. I also have a few business ideas now. It can either be a book shop (because literature is one of my passions in life), or a restaurant/café (because I love food so much).
  3. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Entrepreneur

    I have ideas come to me all the time, you can monitize anything and everything and everything can always be improved. Skills can be learnt and investment can be very low. Look at the buisnesses around and look for where they fall short, where they fall short, and the things that could be done better is your in.
  4. KerBel

    KerBel Entrepreneur

    My ideas usualky stems from my interest in a certain medium. I am always brainstorming different ideas of what my business could be, and while I do not have set plan to get my business started I always make sure that whatever it is that I want to get into is something that I am comfortable and a bit knowledgeable in.

    My tip is to start up something you are passionate about or know a lot about so that way you aren't lost or resenting your decision to start it up once it launches. It would be pretty uncomfortable to start up a business in which you could care less or just confuses you.
  5. Michael007

    Michael007 Entrepreneur

    Most of the business ideas have gotten so farare always gotten from discussing with friends. My first business idea evolved from a group discussion I had with some friends who came to visit me. Someone brought up a topic about what business could sell around our neighbourhood and we kept giving different ideas, and someone brought up an idea and deep down I knew that was going to sell. We all left forgot about it but I thought about it all night and in less than one month i started the business and it was a success until I sold it out.

    My 2nd business idea also came from a friend who knew I liked business.he took me to a neighborhood and asked what do I think could sell around there. I started talking with d residents around and we came up with a business idea for a beauty salon which is about 3 years old and still running till date.
    The funny thing is that I knew nothing about all this businesses but immediately I told myself I want to do I talk with experts in this fields they tend to help me out with how to get started.
  6. Griffin

    Griffin Entrepreneur

    Michael, I would be careful. Make sure that you, personally, are an expert or have a moderately high level of knowledge in the business that you want to start.
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  7. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Entrepreneur

    A business idea is not the same as a unique selling proposition.

    A Business Idea

    A business idea is a concept that can be used for financial gain that is usually centered on a product or service that can be offered for money.

    A Unique Selling Proposition

    The unique selling proposition (USP) is a marketing concept in successful advertising campaigns first introduced in the early 1940s. The USP states that such campaigns made unique propositions to customers that convinced them to switch brands.

    As for where I get them...

    One has to find that element in one's self that works like radar, sonar, or any other automated seeking mechanics. Everyone has these, most don't recognize the. Mothers have it, it seems to strengthen through motherhood. Some call it intuition.

    Learning to strengthen intuitions is easy. It's a matter of thoroughly surrendering to one's sensitivities and instincts. Believe me, find a few exercises for intuition and instinct, incorporate them into your business acumens and the minds ideas will be overflowing.
  8. Dewlance

    Dewlance Entrepreneur

    At evening, I was sit on a bed on top floor and I was browsing internet on my nokia mobile(opera mini, not a smart-phone) and I was read about "reseller hosting" then I was decide to open a hosting company.

    On that evening, I was read about reseller hosting for at lest 2 hours.

    After a month, I was visited to a local shop who sell "Reseller" plans. Guy told me that I must need a domain to sell hosting. I was know nothing on that time but then he return my money. (It was only nearly about $5)

    Then guy told me that you know nothing, you need domain to create a reseller account,etc.. I was come to my home and then buy a website and create my site using one of website maker software.

    In 2009, I was start selling hosting plans and one of customer purchase my plan then I was start looking for a reseller hosting plan on internet and I was lucky.. Found a cheaper company who sell $2 to $4/mo reseller plan (so cheap on that time)

    And journey start.... Later I read on forums that I need to register a business, open a bank account but I was open a saving account only and did not register company...(lol)

    Then after few month my bank call me and ask me about transaction, they don't know what is paypal, etc so I told them that I purchased a hosting account. Bank manager did not know anything about hosting so he get confused and see me like I did something very bad work.

    Later I know that I need to open a current bank account. Bank required me to show proof,etc.. and I do everything to complete their requirement like getting a legal documents, registering company, etc..

    After a few year, I was receive a call from some company that their customer want to register my domain name as their own company name so I told them that If you did then I will open a dispute in court but I was worried about my domain name so I register my trademark and received complete certificate after a year.(According to low, If we register our trademark then we can use "TM" until trademark did not completely registered but once completed then we are allowed to use "(R)" registered symbol)

    And Yes, I like my job. I am still always excited about web hosting.

    Thanks. Sorry for my good English.
  9. Michael007

    Michael007 Entrepreneur

    Thanks and I agree with you griffin....I discovered one can learn anything you put you mind into, it depends on how bad you want it.

    Sometimes, all you need,is just to get started ,and you find yourself working your way to the top... I didn't know much about it when I started but now am good at it
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  10. Griffin

    Griffin Entrepreneur

    That is true, glad to hear that you have been successful in the progression of your endeavors.
  11. Apolloniac

    Apolloniac Entrepreneur

    I've come up with a few ideas over the years, some out of necessity but most out of imagination. In my small town if there was a business to be had to ease the lives of the people then we made it-- laundry shops, bike shops, bakeries and internet cafes, it didn't have to be the most original business. Others that I've thought up were based on niche websites that I realized needed expanding like for example book websites-- what kind of book? what genre? Is there a particular author with a large fanbase? stuff like that.
  12. 111kg

    111kg Entrepreneur

    Nowadays, I'm really looking forward to opening a coffe-to-go type of coffee shop. I realized that I would like to own such a business after I had worked for a couple of months for my former chemistry teacher, who at that point, owned such a business. It was a pleasure to sell coffee, honestly. It's perfect for the new entrepreneurs who are passionate about coffee and who are looking forward to developing business skills.
  13. Marlon A. Mariano

    Marlon A. Mariano Entrepreneur

    i love business ideas, it keeps me going. my first business is t-shirt printing, when I was in high school we were taught how to do silk screen printing and i know i will learn and earn from it. I do the design, buying shirt, printing and selling. when i get married my wife used to do cross-stitched that has to be frame. It cross my mind that i can do it and we even register the business (creative frame shop). while working as a sales representative of newspaper and become the head of sales and distribution of the company, i have the opportunity to meet different publisher of newspaper, magazine and journals. i set-up my own subscription agency. i love selling, it gives me opportunity to learn new products and meet new people. in a nutshell, business is just around the corner, in our lifestyle and in our hearts, that is how i came up with my business ideas...
  14. pwarbi

    pwarbi Entrepreneur

    When it comes to business ideas, in this day and age it's very hard to come up with an entirely new concept that hasn't already been tried, often with varying degrees of success.

    Your business idea doesn't have to be new and unique, you can take an idea that's already out there and put your own unique spin on it and as long as you make sure you give people better service than what they're already getting, your idea will find a place in that market.
  15. xeylonfm

    xeylonfm Entrepreneur

    The family I grew up in was not a business oriented family even though my mother and eldest brother showed some very strong instincts towards doing business. So I was keen on observing these processes going on. My father was a career oriented man and I would say the same for my mother as well so we were the career oriented sons. So at a later time, I developed some attraction to business and that’s when my urge to go the business way sprouted at heart. I wasn’t sure what kind of business I was really after but what I knew for sure was that I was going to do business online and I was going to succeed no matter what. So I am the individual who studied computer science and had a strong dream to become a doctor. I am here right now sucked in business because what I knew about business is that it would give me the freedom and space to live life as a full human without limitations. Now when it comes to ideas about my business, I go the research way. I have been doing intensive research about online business for years now straight and that’s the way I have managed to do what I do. Discussions didn’t work that much for me (in which case am talking about forums and social media) because everyone out there you are talking to is hoping to make you their customer. So I would encourage anyone to carry out some very rigorous preliminary studies to get the right information and the most fitting compulsion to engage in a particular business. Please never go into a business because most of the individuals in that field are raking in tons of money. There could be come secret knowledge they have that you haven’t come across yet. That happened to me some time back and I lost a fortune that haunts me to date. Otherwise don’t hold back because of risk, you won’t make it far enough.

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