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Hey, I'm Charley and Entrepreneur since 1998

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by dwhs, Aug 8, 2015.

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  1. dwhs

    dwhs Member

    Hey I run a couple inline companies and love to travel to third world countries and submerge in the culture. I also have a soft spot for animals.

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  2. K

    K Member

    Welcome to the site, what companies do you run and own? What animals do you have?
  3. dwhs

    dwhs Member

    Hey K,

    Welcome to the site:


    what companies do you run and own:

    I have a ton of websites, marketingspot.com businessfaves.com alop.org but my main business is a partnership since 2001 with a web hosting company now called Web Hosting Professionals - WebHost.pro

    It's a lot of work and the technology is constantly progressing so you can never stop learning and finding new ways to be better. I wish now looking back I partnered with a company that was automated. lol

    What animals do you have:

    I am total softy for animals. I have a cockapoo that is 8 and hope someday I can run a rescue farm.

    Do you have any animals?
  4. K

    K Member

  5. dwhs

    dwhs Member

    Cool website! Good luck with everything.

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