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Help! is my website a duff?

Discussion in 'Websites and Social Media' started by Maylis Boardman, Jul 28, 2016.

Should i pay to get a pro website designed before i launch?

  1. Yes-You need one to be sucessful

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  2. No-This website will be fine once optimised

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  1. Hi i wrote a course for people who want to work on cruise ships and super yachts. I built my own website on GoDaddy which I hate because it looks so amateur but its the best i could do for free on my own: www.cruiselineacademy.com but it isnt ranking at all and my analytics are full of spam and 'referral sites' that are just messing my stats up. So i need to spend some time and money on SEO and marketing.

    My question to you is- is it worth putting hundreds or thousands of pounds into SEO and online adverting for this website or should i get a new professionally designed website first then put the money into the digital marketing? Will marketing will be a waste on this website because it has been built from a template on shared hosting. I just dont want to waste money on a website that google doesnt like because of the way it has been created. But maybe google doesnt mind template websites, i dont know?

    Any advice from people who know about seo and online marketing would be appreciated

    Thank you
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  2. William Clements

    William Clements Moderator Member

    I actually like your site but if this is a template that is generic instead of a customized one then you will not be in the search engine. I am not sure for being an Godaddy site effects it or not. However, I do see a good bit of your ends are fully booked so your doing pretty good of a start. SEO is not my expert but do know from learning for my business sites and I would say to go ahead and advertise it to target to those like the UK to start so you can target those most interested instead of throwing away money and seeing no return.
  3. Thanks for the positive feedback. The courses aren't actually sold out I just had to do that as I don't want to sell 1 or 2 places as I can't run a course with that many people. I need to put enough money into marketing to get atleast 7 per course. That is why I am wondering if this website is a good platform to put digital marketing money.
  4. I'm not an expert as well but I just wanted to share what our company is doing now. We hired an SEO company to do the job for us since we cannot do the marketing campaigns alone. Expertise in online marketing is needed when we're talking about website promotion. So far, our website now has a good google page ranking and that's because of the help of the professional.

    Your site looks good but if you want more improvement and still unsure about spending for SEO service, you can probably have a consultation first. Consultants will not exactly do the job for you but they can help you analyze the marketing strategies that your website would be needing before you finally hire a professional or a firm. They will also help you work out with the budget you have and that would be less stressful on your part as well.
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  5. Amir Campbell

    Amir Campbell Member


    I'm new to online marketing but there are a few tactics that have been working for me and can work for you ( if you're already using them, please ignore me:)

    1. Facebook posting and advertising: If you haven't already, create a facebook page specifically for that website. Once done, invite all your friends and family to like it. On the same note, you can also create offers ( like a free ebook giveaway) for people to incentivize them to click your links. You could possibly offer a % discount to people that buy within a certain time frame.

    2. If you have a mailing list, no matter how small or big, start sending your offer to the pople on said list.

    3. If you have the time and want to save some money, you can do the seo yourself. I'm not sure who hosts your website, but if you designed the website, there should be options that allow you to put a description up for each link ( only you can see the description). Use search terms that people type in when they're looking for courses like yours ( i.e. How to work on a cruise ship, How to get paid to travel, etc)

    4. I didn't notice a pop up box for grabbing emails. That would be a good place to start as well. We live in age where people have short attention spans. Too many words make them sleepy lol. Create a popup box ( do you have a newsletter?) to grab emails.

    Hope this helps!!


    Amir Campbell
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  6. Lance Designs

    Lance Designs Member

    Hey Maylis!

    First, congrats on creating this site by yourself! I am a website designer. I run a website design company and a website hosting company. The website is the most important thing considering its the first thing that potential clients see! Just like a restaurant wants a clean outdoor appearance, your company wants a clean website.

    I'd love to chat with you about potential options! I sent you a message :)

  7. Ragriz

    Ragriz Member

    How long has your site been active?

    It looks like everything is brand new. If so, you might not be getting the traffic you want simply because your site is not indexed yet. You can submit your site to google and bing to get things started faster, but it will take a couple of days to get the site indexed.

    Once that is taken care of, you want to start developing good SEO. This will get your website listed on the first search engine page where 95% of potential customers are. Keywords, links, and social media will be your friend for that.

    Its tough at first. My first site took some time to get where I wanted it to. But after learning proper SEO, I got my last site onto front page searches within 2 weeks.
  8. Amir Campbell

    Amir Campbell Member

    One more thing:

    Do you have a travel blog yet? Blogging about travelling will be another way for you to attract more prospects.

  9. It's been live for 4 months and was listed with the search engines straight away :(
  10. Ragriz

    Ragriz Member

    Okay, so its good that is listed.

    How about rankings? If I type in a string of Keywords related to cruise ships, courses, the UK, etc, etc. , I do not see your website appear in the search pages.

    You want to make sure your site is listed on the very first page of a search query. Supposedly, 90% of people never look past the first page.
  11. I know that. That is why I am asking if a site created on a Godaddy platform like mine is fully optimisable because I don't want to waste money on SEO if the site has restrictions because through code can not be accessed.
  12. Ragriz

    Ragriz Member

    As far as I know, go daddy shouldn't have anything that would negatively impact optimization. Just to be sure though, you could contact them to see if any changes you wish to make are going to be alright.

    On the other hand, should you decide to use a professional team to handle SEO and advertising, they will also know how to work with go daddy.

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