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Forum rules

Discussion in 'Forum Rules and Resources' started by BizWarriors, Feb 12, 2015.

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  1. BizWarriors

    BizWarriors Administrator Entrepreneur

    Forum Rules
    • Do not SPAM the forum
    • Referral Links ARE allowed but do not over do it
    • Any offensive behavior will result in an instant ban
    • are not responsible for any content on the website
    • The Administrator's word is final
    • Do NOT over up threads
    • Use common sense and keep it clean
    • Use Correct Prefixes
    • Only post original articles or interviews.
    • You may post excerpts of published articles by other authors if you comply with Fair Use laws. The excerpt must be clearly a quote, of one to three paragraphs maximum and you must give full credit to the original author and a link back to the original source.
    • Do NOT use shortened URLs! Our members have a right to know where they are going before clicking on a link, if only to be sure it doesn't point to a malware site.

    Read our Terms/Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.
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