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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Investor, Apr 20, 2015.

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  1. Investor

    Investor Member


    Started out in business as a teenager.

    My first business was a service-based business, and I quickly got into Internet Marketing as well, then into Real Estate, software and mobile applications, and into Physical Product businesses.

    I have enjoyed great highs and experienced great lows on my path to becoming who I am today. Wouldn't trade a moment of any of it.

    When I was 16 I had earned enough money through various business activities to buy my first car, which was a 355 Berlinetta, and a love affair was born. I'm officially an exotic car junkie, a gear-head, petrol-head.

    We all have to work for certain goals. As I've aged, and matured (my wife would likely disagree), I've learned that in life the most important things are those which we can't buy. Like in business, the only achievements worth having are the ones that take work and vision. I have a son, and he's my world. As he grows up, hopefully we'll share great experiences and have similar passions (such as cars), and he'll be an entrepreneur.

    Whereas before all I achieved was so I could grow my car collection and travel the world (all focused on me), now all I do is for him and his future. It's an amazing transformation.

    I'm interested to see what this site grows into. Perhaps meet some interesting folks along the way.
  2. Aeon

    Aeon Member

    Welcome , glad you are here . :) I also like the site , though it can use a bit more activity .
  3. K

    K Member

    Great to see you here, how'd you find us?
  4. Investor

    Investor Member

    Clicked through from somewhere and thought it looked interesting.

  5. Investor

    Investor Member

    Looks pretty new. Give it a little time.

  6. K

    K Member

    We're working on that :)

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