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Do You Book Online or Via Travel Agent?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by azgold, May 21, 2016.

Do you book your travel online?

  1. Yes

    2 vote(s)
  2. No

    1 vote(s)
  3. Sometimes

    1 vote(s)

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  1. azgold

    azgold Moderator Member

    I read an article on Forbes....or tried to, it redirected to the Daily Mail in the UK. Anyway, it talks about how offline travel agencies are facing extinction, due to a whopping 79% of travelers booking online now.

    Online travel agencies still get half of the online bookings, though. For the other 50%, people use travel search engines, or book directly with hotels and airlines.

    This article focused on travel in the UK but I'd be willing to bet the information is very similar, here in North America.

    Let's take our own survey. Do you book online? Please let us know in the poll.
  2. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    I typically do it all online. It's so easy and fast.
  3. azgold

    azgold Moderator Member

    I know! So much easier to compare features and prices, as well as book. I guess that's the problem for the brick and mortar agencies.
  4. scaleclack

    scaleclack Member

    I haven't tried booking online. I'm reluctant do so because of I might encounter problems and its difficult to follow up. I always do it with a travel agency that I trusted or nearby our place especially if it my first time to visit the place.
  5. azgold

    azgold Moderator Member

    I like having a travel agent handle all the details but I have a few times booked via Expedia and had no problems whatsoever. I was able to talk to a real person to ask questions and fix my oopsy.
  6. techbat

    techbat Member

    I book travel tickets online as I can compare price and offers available there.
    arungoyal likes this.
  7. azgold

    azgold Moderator Member

    Good point. That's something you can't do so easily if you're going through an agency. I think you'd have to go through a lot of different catalogues, unless the agent can do something in that regard.
  8. arungoyal

    arungoyal Member

    Although agents can offer highly customized packages but now it is possible with online service providers as well so I go with online service providers.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016
  9. azgold

    azgold Moderator Member

    Unfortunately for brick and mortar companies, I think most people do nowadays.
  10. arungoyal

    arungoyal Member

    @azgold Why claiming misfortune....
  11. azgold

    azgold Moderator Member

    Just feeling a little bad for small mom and pop type businesses who don't deal online.
  12. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator Member

    We do book 60 to 70% online... but that 30% is still offline. Its mainly because the travel agent almost matches to online and additional human touch is always their. I always believe computer automation / ease of use is good, if demands are repeated. But in travel its normally not, so the offline will always exist.

    This is where the challenge of human vs computer comes.
  13. bookfurry

    bookfurry Member

    I have a friend who owns a travel agency that's why i usually book my vacation packages through her. But for international flights, i book online because i wait for cheaper fares.
  14. azgold

    azgold Moderator Member

    I love the ease of booking online but if I'm going someplace I'm not familiar with, I like the security of having someone (or agency) that I can call for help if there's a problem. Although, that didn't help me one bit last time, so I won't be using that agency again.
  15. I'm a travel agent and would love to help anyone book their trips. Please let me know
  16. bookfurry

    bookfurry Member

    It's so much easier to book everything online
  17. I would love to hear why you think it's easier to book online rather than with a travel agent?
  18. Peyton White

    Peyton White Member

    I usually ask for a reservation via phone call. Then afterwards I will go directly to an agency to pay! :)
  19. When you book with me, all you have to do is e-communicate with me through me about exactly what you want. can do everything over the internet, and I am paid by the vendor. You will not be charged anything over and above that.
  20. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Member

    I always book online.

    Just emigrated, my flight cost me £2, extra seat for my guitar £8, Baggage £7, coach to the airport £35

    Total travel cost £52

    Time to book: 10 mins.

    The day a travel agent can beat prices like this, in the same time frame is when I will stop doing it online.

    Also, Bouns points when you book online if you have membership with some airlines, that gives you discounts on future flights (why my flight was £2 and my guitar was £8)

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