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  1. swalia

    swalia Member

    Do you believe in the Supernatural? Have you ever experienced something like that? There have been numerous evidences to suggest that Supernatural does exist. However, I would rather believe on something that I experience.
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  2. setupdisc

    setupdisc Member

    If you experience something from the supernatural realm, then you no longer need to question because you will have the history of the experience or event to document it for you to where belief isn't needed from there. If you haven't experienced it, then you would have to still rely upon belief in it or not.
  3. Sora

    Sora Member

    I believe in the possibility of the supernatural. The universe is proven to be too vast for just human beings to exist. There is no reason, in my understanding, why other beings in different dimensions cannot exist. And to be honest, it surprises me that the world is so ready to believe in an invisible God but find it so hard to even consider the possibility of spirits and ghosts.

    I don't know where to draw the line between natural and supernatural, and what would be right to include under the name tag of the same. I have experienced premonitional dreams, that to me felt utterly unnatural, even frightening. I have had acquaintances come and speak of their experiences with phenomena that they couldn't explain. I think, being educated and having developed a rational mindset often closes our minds to the simple fact that we do not know everything, we haven't figured out everything - not even in the physical world around us. So what are the odds that there might be beings around us whose visibility is beyond the scope our visual power.
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  4. mooray

    mooray Member

    I believe in supernatural. The concept of life and the universe itself is supernatural and beyond human understanding.
  5. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    I do think there's such thing as the supernatural, and there's existence of ghosts, and I feel like there are people who have abilities and powers such as telekinesis.
  6. thedude

    thedude Member

    Not really, I'm not much into mysticism. I dont believe in ghosts, or god. I did have a dream the other night that most people would consider a premonition. VERY realistic nightmare more so than a dream. This dream made me question things I never really believed in.
  7. Ladyferoz

    Ladyferoz Member

    I do not believe but I have had some strange experiences lately that had me question my beliefs. I recently got a jade stone as a gift from my future in-laws, then immediately as I started wearing it I had extremely vivid and disturbing dreams.
    I brushed them away as a tough night but they kept recurring until I researched it and found out the stone is known as the stone of dreams. I was so creeped out and whatever higher power worked in the stone did not like me, so I took it off as an experiment and my nightmares stopped that same night.
    I now know not to mess with precious stones and things that other cultures take as religion.
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  8. onlinecashcity

    onlinecashcity Member

    We never know about anything for sure. It's interesting to think about but I've never experienced anything myself.
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  9. Vinaya.Ghimire

    Vinaya.Ghimire Member

    I believe in supernatural power but I am not superstitious. There is a big difference between these two. I believe visiting temple will bring me prosperity, however, I don't believe that spotting a black crossing the road (a common superstitious belief in our culture) does not affect me in any way
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  10. arthnel

    arthnel Member

    I definitely believe in the supernatural. I don't have to see a ghost to believe there is a spiritual realm or other dimensions in existence. I certainly believe in God and that he is a spirit. I also believe I'm an extension of that source, therefore I'm spiritual first, just encased in flesh. I haven't had any weird experiences, but accepting supernatural comes easy for me.
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  11. jona

    jona Member

    A famous anthropologist told this story:

    He was in some country of Africa studying some population. He heard about some witch doctor that could perform a ceremony to make it rain. So, he located this particular individual and offered him a large a amount of money to perform the ceremony right there both to study it and to see if the thing works. The witch doctor laughed and said "only a fool would ask for a rain ceremony during the dry season" and left.

    So, there is that.

    What's absolutely real and scientifically proved without a single ounce of doubt is the placebo effect, so if you believe that your some amulet is going to get you a job you are going to exude confidence during the interview process and you are more likely to get it.
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  12. Novelangel

    Novelangel Member

    Of course I believe in the supernatural. Anything that's not in the "natural" realm, such as us, this planet, nature itself... etc... is considered supernatural. God is supernatural. The devil is supernatural. Angels and demons are supernatural. I realize that some of you may not believe in God, the devil, angels or demons, but I do and I'm using them as examples of the supernatural. I suppose belief or faith themselves could be forms of the supernatural as well, since they require something not tangible in order to exist.
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  13. Vinaya.Ghimire

    Vinaya.Ghimire Member

    I am a man of science and I don't believe in supernatural things. Having said that I am a religious person and I believe in God. I am a believer, yet I don't believe in things that do not have scientific logic. Everything has a reason and we can explain everything.
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  14. Danem

    Danem Member

    It's hard to say. I've had some weird experiences, and a friend recently showed me a creepy photo which...was incredibly creepy and unexplainable, but I have my doubts because, well, science.

    Even if I were to see an actual supernatural creature right in front of me (please no haha) then I'd still have doubts that I even saw it.
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  15. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Member

    Supernatural is only that we have yet to know and define with truth and evidence.
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  16. Cong1987

    Cong1987 Member

    I believe that Janson Ackles and Jared Padalecki exist :D:D:D

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