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  1. mgtrey1

    mgtrey1 Entrepreneur

    As the title suggests^

    So whats up everybody?

    A little about me-
    Saw this site on HF
    I am a D1 baseball player *hold your applause*
    I've been told my girlfriend is an 8.5 but in my eyes, she a dime.
    I have a puppy dog obsession (them mothafuckas is cute)
    I have no idea why I am on this site or what it's about but I will figure my shit out so holla holla.
    I like birdies
    I like to type lIkE tHiS cuz I aRe hIpStEr aF

    Thanks guys! Look forward to meeting y'all!

  2. K

    K Entrepreneur

    haha, welcome to the site man!
  3. 308Digital

    308Digital Entrepreneur

    +1 for that title. " The Situation" would be proud. Welcome to the forum, brah. *fistbump*
    K likes this.

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