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  1. Nantchev

    Nantchev Entrepreneur


    Lately been working on a strategy for a side project, that I have been thinking about starting lately.
    I create videos where I share knowledge, experiences and lessons from much more successful people in life.
    Whether from books, mentors and my own research.
    As well as other nuggets of information that are worth while to enhance our lives and help use live a better life, such as how to make money online.

    And sharing the lessons online so that we can learn and apply them in our lives in order to have a better life; whether financially, emotionally and physically.
    There is an old saying: I never met a person I could not learn something from- and sometimes it was what not to do.
    Most people say you can learn the hard way or the easy way.

    I am doing this for the fun of making videos, want to share knowledge and doing videos my way: short, to the point and oozing with value.

    Would it be ok if you watch these videos and then provide some feedback?
    I am asking you because you are my target audience and looking for feedback and opinions in order to serve you better.

    Richard Branson video feedback: What do Richard Branson, Budges and XMas trees have in common? - Feedback Survey

    What can Napoleon teach us about how to live? : What can Napoleon Bonaparte teach us about how to live? - Feedback Survey

    Nantchev's Nugget of Knowledge #1 : Nantchev's Nuggets of Knowledge #1- Feedback Survey

    Adrian Nantchev
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  2. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Entrepreneur

    Are you actually doing this for just the fun of making videos, or are you looking to perfect this media for future monetization?

    This comes across as a teacher's aide reviewing key elements of book. If you really want to have a viewer's attention, then get a bit more structured in your delivery, more purposeful. Get some lighting.

    Also you have clutter all around you and this is distracting to a viewer. You want them focused on you, not your bookshelf. I found myself trying to read the titles.

    When one is presenting thoughts and opinions about someone's work, be sure to include a basis for the representation.

    The sound needs work, it is hard to listen to. get a software program that allows for adjusting the audio when recording. It needs more timbre.

    You say we are your target audience, I am curious why you have chosen us. Why entrepreneurs?
  3. Nantchev

    Nantchev Entrepreneur

    I am going to monetize in the future.

    Been told before to read from the book less and speak less from the script.

    "be sure to include a basis for the representation" can you explain more about this?

    Which one was the sound bad on?

    My target audience because I am an Entrepreneur too. And that is who the material is aimed at by sharing the stuff I have learnt to and it happens it is relevent
  4. Francis K

    Francis K Entrepreneur

    I watched the Napolean one and thought it was pretty informational and relatable. Were you using a phone? You should look into maybe getting a DSLR camera and tripod set up with a nice mic. Keep em comin' man!
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  5. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Entrepreneur

    Not that bad. I am just a little distracted with the books near you. And I don't really like the fact that you're reading way too much from your book/script. Please look directly at the camera more often. Overall, good work. Informative videos.
  6. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Entrepreneur

    Do you know how, do you have a marketing plan?

    You shouldn't read from any book, IMO. You should rehearse the presentation so that no reference reading takes place.

    When doing any presentation, a reason for the presentation should be at the beginning and the end. The beginning a outline of your presentation and at the end is the summary. They are the basis for the "what, why, and who" of the presentation.

    When listening, it is obvious that you aren't using a professional grade microphone and software. The sound is a bit "cheesy".

    The quality of your audio and your video need much improvement.

    Demonstrating the relevance of someones else's written word is best represented by one's personal and/or business successes and/or failures achieved from those written words.

    When one intends to garner the time of the entrepreneur, one first must understand the entrepreneur. You must convince your audience you have a firm grasp of their needs, wants, and desires as well as their challenges, skills, and assets as businessmen and businesswomen.
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  7. 111kg

    111kg Entrepreneur

    Have you tried promoting yourself on Reddit? I find your content really interesting (of course, your videos can be be better), but I think that you have a lot to offer. Maybe if you promote yourself on Reddit, we can upvote your threads so your videos can go viral.
  8. Nantchev

    Nantchev Entrepreneur

    Yes, I am focusing on some other things at the moment. With my main business-

    I like the Nantchev's Nuggets of Knowledge. I think I am focus on them mainly, because they are short and ooze with information.

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