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5-Part Interview Process

Discussion in 'Employees and Human Resources' started by Biju, Mar 19, 2016.

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  1. Biju

    Biju Member

    I applied to my dream job without any real expectations. I believed I was or am under qualified for the job.

    Anyway, the recruiter disagrees she stated she would submit me at $X salary which is a $10,000 raise for me. In the same breath, she changed her mind and submitted me to the position for $5,000 more, due to my past work experience. That would be a $15,000 raise all-in-all.

    I got through the first interview with the recruiter fairly easily. I had expected it to go horribly wrong. It went well. I was in shock.The next step is going to be a phone interview with (hopefully) my direct supervisor. From there, I will meet with whomever, my potential supervisor. The supervisor in person. After that, I will meet with the departments VP before going in and having a final interview with some of the executives at which point I will receive an offer if things go well. Of course, they can send a rejection letter, but for some odd reason, i have a sixth sense that no matter what happens here, it may open doors for me.

    Have you ever had an interview process with an extensive interview process? How did it go? What did you learn from it? How can I ace the interviews? Constructive advice is welcomed!
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  2. yepitsclaudia

    yepitsclaudia Member

    First off, I am pretty sure I won't be able to give you a useful advice here cause I've gone through only one legit interview from a company I applied for last month ( I am a graduating student :) ). Well I'll still share a few of my experience on that interview. The first level was a phone interview, which is extremely unexpected (I was in a cake shop when they called). The line wasn't so clear but I tried to answer their questions as best as I can. The HR officer asked a lot of questions such as my preferred area or department, the reason why I chose that department, and my plan for the coming years. Then she told me that I am under evaluation, if I passed the phone interview, I will be invited in their office for a face-to-face interview with my Team Leader if ever I get the position. I wasn't expecting anything by then since I felt like the conversation was not smooth because of signal disruptions/technicalities, but I think I said something impressive? so a few hours later, they called and invited me for a second interview.

    On the second interview (I hope I am not boring you with this post already:oops::)) I met the other applicants and one was from a top university in our country so I was sort of losing my cool, but then the thought that's running on my mind is "No matter what happens, I'll charge this one to experience". But then I guess the interview went well so I made it to the final level but I had to decline that final interview due to personal reasons. All in all, I think this experience would be great for me to be prepared when I need to apply for a job after graduation.

    So I read a few tips and stuff before the interview and a few important points would be, to know things about the company and the position you are applying for, and to breathe. Whenever you feel stressed or pressured by a question, or just too nervous, get some air, a pause would not hurt. It'll be better to breathe and think for just one bit rather than continue blubbering with nonsense stuff right. Does anyone agree with me here? :)

    Well, the initial reason why I commented on your post is to congratulate you cause you applied for your DREAM JOB! That is awesome! You are a step closer to achieving your desired career and by the looks of it, you will make it. :)
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  3. Biju

    Biju Member

    Aww. You are too sweet. I just got the email to set up the interview for a phone conference with my (hopefully) direct supervisor! Thank you for the congratulations and you did not bore me at all.
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  4. yepitsclaudia

    yepitsclaudia Member

    Yay. Thanks for reading. :) Enjoy the interview. This is it...you are now entering a door of wonderful opportunities. Break a leg! I know you can make it. ;) Again, Congratulations!
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  5. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    In the past I've had a number of different jobs but most was just a one on one interview. Only once have I had to do something similar to you, and that involved a group interview, then a phone interview and then the final stage was the one on one, and while it was a little nerve wracking I guess, I did enjoy the process overall
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  6. Lynda

    Lynda Member

    Congratulations on getting so far towards your Dream Job!

    All I can really suggest is the standard advice: dress appropriately, make sure you are familiar with the company and its background and the role, allow a lot of time to get there for the in-person interviews and be polite to the receptionist. Don't be afraid to say you'll need to think about something or ask for a glass of water at the start in case your throat goes dry. Air conditioned offices can be bad for that.

    As far as interviews go, two stages, phone and person, are fairly normal. Five seems a little unusual unless you are going for a really senior role.

    I've only had one four-stager, which was very odd. A phone interview, followed by interview with two of the managers I would be working for, then another one with the head of region, and then a week later I got a call saying congratulations you've got to the final stage interview, and asking if I had a passport. They flew me to Germany, drove straight from the airport to their office for a one hour interview with the head of the company and that regional office, and then put me straight back in a car back to the airport to fly home. I only managed to grab a souvenir as I went through duty free, it happened that fast. I got the job, but what a way to hire people!

    Good luck!
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  7. setupdisc

    setupdisc Member

    if you are seeking employment in a high-profile position, in an upper position of a large corporation, a branch of government, or something which requires attention to more than the traditional hiring factor of phone-interview-contact/letter, then you could expect to be going through a few tests and maybe being interviewed by more than one person consecutively. For most positions that companies hire for, the majority of applicants don't have to go through that.

    Being stress-free as possible, approaching professionally always (in dress and conduct from start to finish), and putting your best foot forward during the process to make sure you establish the chemistry and features needed for the position will give you greater chances than those who stress too much, don't dress in reflection of their position, or aren't as forthcoming and able to sell the interviewer on the need to have them above or before everyone else who wants the position.

    Having to go through a 5 part interview process does seem a little excessive. Two, maybe three interviews at most is the norm. Sometimes only 1 if you've been in before. If there's a reason or applicant question or second-chance for another job if one is taken, then 2 or 3 would be understandable. I've only seen the 5 part interviews conducted for people who needed clearance to private or sensitive information routinely.
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  8. Biju

    Biju Member

    Thanks for all the support. I've really messed this one up over incompetence.

    Thinking I was 12 minutes early to the 2nd interview confrence, I got to my phone, pulled up my documents on my computer and then noticedd I had a missed call and a voicemail.

    I was not 12 minutes early to the call. I was 18 minutes late to it. I had it written down as a 10am call in my calendar. It was a 9:30am call. I am absolutely stewing. ugh.
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  9. setupdisc

    setupdisc Member

    Oh no! :-/ I'm sorry to hear that, Biju.

    That always hurts chances. Unless another interviewer does not follow through and you showed up late when they didn't show up at all...it may be hard to land that one.

    I hope you have some other interviews lined up for other places you are interested in working?
  10. Biju

    Biju Member

    The interview ended up being rescheduled seeing as they are looking for a very specific skill set that I actually have with actual niche industry experience. It was a 20-minute call and I feel like nerves got the better of me. I know my stuff, but was unable to articulate it concisely enough and rambled quite a bit.

    I actually haven't interviewed in quite a while. Usually, when it comes to my experience I networked quite a bit. I think the last time I've had a formal interview was for a flower shop when I was 16.

    So, I've sent an email to the recruiter highlighting my strengths and explained why based on the call I was a good fit for the job. We'll see, the hiring manager wants to talk to the recruiter and her own supervisor before getting back to me. Maybe there is still hope.
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  11. setupdisc

    setupdisc Member

    I hope that it goes well for you, Biju. Keep us posted on your progress and how it goes, and let us know if there's anything we might be able to do to help you get the position.
  12. Biju

    Biju Member

    It took a day to hear back, but they're bringing me in for a 3rd formal in-person interview! It'll be in two weeks from now seeing as their entire office is out on a business trip for this week. Hopefully all goes well. *fingers crossed*!
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  13. I never have had any elaborate interviews. In fact I have been on job interview only couple of times. That may be because I have not applied to jobs many times. I work as a freelancer and I am happoy with my work. I have experience of walk in interview. The most elaborate interview I had was applying to a job, waiting to be shortlisted and get interviewed. I was selected but left the job in two days.
  14. Biju

    Biju Member

    Yah, I have never been interviewed this extensively. Or at all really.

    I got into a very specific niche market that is big business. It happened by accident. I started as an intern with no interview - just a hey need an intern? type thing then I got hired on by that company to do some marketing assistant work.

    Next thing I know I'm in my Junior year at college and way, way, way ahead of the employment game. I was so ahead that I ended up going part-time at my university to get my degree seeing as I was working full time. Due to this I was a 7th year senior. Which many would mock me for, but I knew better.

    About a year after graduating, I ended up moving to another state for financial and relationship reasons and left my old niche market job. Since then I've been on & off with my old place of employment training my replacement, working primarily as a freelancer, and applying to jobs in my market on a very select basis.

    My call with the recruiter who screened me went marvelously. There wasn't one thing about it that I could self criticize. However, when it came to the phone conference with my would-be supervisor, I fumbled. I felt rambled way too much and repeated myself way more than necessary. Nerves got the better of me and I was overexcited and too much of a "yes" man.

    I was expecting it to go nowhere, but in a last ditch effort to salvage the opportunity, I went ahead and quickly sent an email to recruiter. I made it clear I hadn't interviewed in quite some time and most of my work came from networking versus formal interviews. I expressed gratitude for even having this opportunity. I also highlighted some of my skills and explained why I was the ideal candidate for this position. The email was very concise and was just one paragraph long.

    Apparently either the phone conversation went way better than I thought or the quick followup saved me or a mixture of both these things.

    So, hopefully this goes well. We'll see.

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