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Learn to Build, Grow, and Monetize Facebook Pages.

  1. Luke
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    FPTraffic is a tool to help business owners and affiliates build, grow, and monetize Facebook Pages. A few of the key features are:
    • Find and schedule content with a click of your mouse. FPT grabs from multiple sources to provide you with relevant content for your audiences.
    • Mass upload images to be schedule automatically to your Pages.
    • A Google Chrome extension that allows you to schedule images on any website you visit!
    • Masking tool to help optimize your links for the most exposure possible on Facebook.
    • Find and schedule video content with a click of your mouse.
    • Find and schedule products from Amazon with a click of your mouse (earn income from affiliate earnings on every sale!)
    • A giveaway tool to help engage with your users and build an email list at the same time. Check out our demo.
    FPTraffic currently manages over 650,000,000 Facebook Likes and is growing every single day. Need help reaching your target audience on Facebook? Sign up for FPTraffic today!

Recent Reviews

  1. Rohit sharma
    Rohit sharma
    Version: 2014-11-04
    My buddy used it and he was saying this system is just a waste of money.
  2. Andy
    Version: 2014-11-04
    Excellent tool for streamlining FB posting and growing pages.